Tyres in Laos?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Franconian, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    Hi folks,

    I am currently in Chiang Mai and cross over to Laos in about 1 week. My rear tyre needs to be replaced soon. Can I get one easily in Laos or should I replace it in Chiang Mai?
    If in Chiang Mai, where? I only need it to last for about 5K as I want to get a new set when leaving Thailand. So it can be a cheap Chinese one or even used.

    130/80/17 or 120/90/17

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  3. jerome

    jerome Active Member

    hello Frank,

    what kind of brand,model are you after?road tyre,enduro,50/50?
  4. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    Hi Jerome,

    I just picked up a Thai made road tyre in Chiang Mai. Are there any big bike shops in Luang Prabang or Vientiane?
  5. jerome

    jerome Active Member

    Try with Fuark in Ventiane,he may have what you need! or he will order it from thailand!
    good ride!

    Fuark Motocross Service.
    T2 Road
    Ban Nakham

    Fuark's shop is between the Shell petrol station & the Northern Bus station on the T2 road, towards the airport.

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