Tyres makes available in Thailand

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  1. I know that Pirelli and Metzler have good suppliers here , also that Bridgestone seem to have wide distibution , but what other choices you may ask.....

    Michelin are available but distribution is patchy ,Pilot sport , pilot power and off road tyres available

    well Dunlop also have distribution here although it seems patchy, HD cruiser tyres are well catered for by Dunlop but some Roadsmarts, Sportsmarts and Qualifiers are around and they are very good tyres,

    Maxxis also seem to be getting more distribution they are not a bad general use tyre and as they are Korean will probably challenge the big boys technology soon .

    Some cruiser and chopper shops have stocks of AVON cruiser tyres due to AVON making large 200-300mm tyres for that market but AVON 's excellent other road and sport bike products are not available here .

    Continental dont seem to be available at all ????

    Please add any info you have to this list
  2. continental, Avon, Michelin and bridgestone wide selection of CURRENT models available in Bangkok. The place also does very good balancing. Owner hands on. End of rama 4 near round about. Search and you Will find it online.
  3. Maybe this can help.

  4. I'm looking for a Bridgestone BT090 150/60 VR18. My usual source in BKK, Mr. Pairoj (Ek Pai Boon) at Big Bendum, doesn't stock them anymore. Does anyone know who is the importer/distributer for Bridgestone bike tyres in BKK? Despite searching, I can't find them. Thanks!
  5. Has Pairoj changed emails ??

    Before responses would be immediate or therabouts but I emailed his [email protected] email this week and inquiries went unanswered.
  6. Red baron might have Bridgstone ,
  7. I treated my little mini beast to some new tires-those fantastic DeeStone 809s. Made right here in Thailand. And they're not hard; they are concrete :)

    Might give DeeStones a miss. When I bought em, I thought the guy mis pronounced Bridgestone. Boy was I wrong. Ha!
  8. Just fitted f/r new Avon Cobra to the Goldwing 1800 .. Tyres supplied by www.Precha.com
    cost 12300 baht, delivered by HTC Overnight Express from Bkk to Pattaya at a cost of 90 baht,
    fitted at Bira for 100baht ... now that cant be bad :)
  9. GL 1800 on the operating table for new boots :)

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