Tyres ..where can i get em?

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  1. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Hi all....Im after a new set of bridgestones for my Transalp XLV 400..Ive been around most bike shops in Chiang mai who want to sell me Dunlops!!! but I want to buy the same 130/80/ 17 trail wing rear etc ....anyone know how i can get em........any help would be appreciated ....

    been reading the latest postings on the latest road trips ...all sounds great ..I hope to be out and about more later this month as tied up with work at the moment ........[:D][8D][8D]


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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I recently tried to get Bridgestone Trail Wing tyres via Samoto, but the answer was no stock in Bangkok.
    So I got Michelin Anakees instead & for almost the same price = Bridgestone's are getting exensive.
    My current hot tip would be to try G3 on Taiwang road, as a couple of guys (Snail & Suzukiluke) have bought their last tyres there & were very impressed with the price.
    See ya Sunday for MotoGP on the goggle box at the UN Irish Pub to swap biking tales.

    Keep The Power On
  4. Craypot

    Craypot Ol'Timer

    Why do you want Trailwings? I have Metzeler Enduro 3s on my 400 TA and they're pretty good. Actually they are way too much tyre for the power this bike can produce but you can still slide em and spin em when you want to.

  5. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    yep i would vouch for g3, if he doesnt have them in the store then it will only be a wait of 2-3days
  6. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Thanks guys ......after a bit more riding about I have 2 car tyre dealerships that if asked nicely can make a call to Bangkok and can order my Bridgstones in 1-2 days..one tyre place on Chang Puak...shop number 199 telephone number 053 805252/4 wants 4150 baht for a rear . The other place is on the highway coming past Tescos towards the Nimmenhamen junction before the Chang puak turnoff ..it has a massive Bridgestone sign ..they tell me they can order it in one day for 4000 baht including delivery and fitting ....... again I had to ask nicely as they didnt really want the hassle .......I`ll try G3 for a price too...anyone got a number ?

    thanks again all.......

  7. tomm

    tomm New Member

    G3 superbike shop number is .... 09-2621334
  8. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Can u get Avon tyres in Thailand

  9. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    In case you are interested I ended up going to the tyre place on the Superhighway near tesco Lotus .....my Bridgstone arrived next day as promised ..Mr Chan chai (assistant manager) let me off the 3% credit card charge and the tyre was proffessionally fitted my chain oiled etc ........really nice proffessional outfit with great prices ..oh I paid 4000 baht incl of shipping and fitting. Mr Chanchai states he doesnt just deal with a limited number of tyre manufacturers he can pretty much get whatever is in bangkok...nextday . He just wants 50% deposit ...

    if you need tyres try calling them on 053 221358 / 053 222444..

    Im off to do the Samoeng loop to get my new hoop scrubbed in ...

  10. tomm

    tomm New Member

    G3 charge 2800 for the front and 3500 for the rear. if you paid 10% deposit in the morning you will get the tyres....nextday.
  11. wimpy

    wimpy Ol'Timer

    If you want to order direct from Bangkok, I suggest Dumrong Yang Yont
    (Pure Motor) "The owner is knowledgeable, confident, and speaks good English." 453 Maitrichit Road.
    Tel: 02-222-3789. He will send to Chiang Mai for about a 200 baht.

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2

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