Ubon Big Bike shop, and cycle shop.

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  1. Hello there.
    Can anyone please answer a couple of queries .
    1. Is there a big bike shop in Ubon that may sell bikes above 400cc ? If so address would be good.

    2. Is there a decent push bike shop in Ubon ?. I'd like to buy a good mountain bike.If so address would be good.

    Thanks very much for any help or advice,

  2. 1 there is a good bike bike shop in si sa ket , he deals in second hand bikes and there is a big shop on the road to si sa ket which has a small number of good second hand bikes, he can also source them for you ,

    2 on the road in front of the airport, just past the airport turn off , on the left hand side is a good bicycle shop.

  3. I have seen 2 proper bicycle shops in Ubon, looked kind of pricey driving by.

    No big bike shop in Ubon. I did see some 125 D-Trackers thou.

    I will see if I can get an address for the bike shops in a few days.

  4. Thankyou. So the big bike shop is on the road from Ubon to Sisaket right ?
  5. Thankyou. Look forward to the addresses .
  6. The shop is called MONSTER SISAKET .
  7. thats the shop , have a large selection of second hand bikes , seem fairly good , let me test ride a ducati !
    the other one is about 1 kilometre along the si sa ket road past the ring road , its on the right hand side of the road .
    he mainly sells small bikes but has had some nice big ones in there as well.

  8. Any chance of someone getting some photos, or a business card, scanning it & posting it on the forum?

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