Ubon Candel Festival

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  1. We are going this year we leave on the 26th of July from udon and return on July 28th

    We are staying at this Hotel

    It's 2800 for two days

    If anyone wants to ride there with us let me know.

    There are other places cheaper I'm sure but you need to book early


    377 chayangkura rd., Ubonrachathani

    34000 THAILAND

    Tel : ( 045 ) 241-501 - 11

    Fax: ( 045 ) 241-504

    Emai : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    377 ??? ??????? ???????????

    34000 ?????????

    Tel : ( 045 ) 241-501 - 11

    Fax: ( 045 ) 241-504

    Emai : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Hi ray,

    I had some friends visit at different times over the last few weeks. One of them stayed at Phadaeng Mansion which was 400 baht and he told me it was very clean and comfortable and in a good location.

    Another stayed at tohsang for I think it was around 1200, again very nice but location not as good.

    The third one was called something house for 600 baht. Stan house, tan house, grrrrr - I cant remember sorry.

    When I first arrived here not so long ago I stayed at Sunee Grand hotel for 1,500 baht - luxery!
  3. Thanks I appreciate it.
  4. Ray,
    I was in Ubon just last month.
    A few years ago, I rode to Ubon to view the Candle Festival and thought it one of the best and most beautiful festivals in Thailand.
    At the time, I stayed at a S/T hotel located behind the Wrong Way Cafe. The room was booked for me, in advance, by the owner of the Wrong Way Cafe,
    whom I'd e-mailed. Decent room, large bed, HW, AC, TV. During the festival, the room rates were higher, as they were everywhere in town. It was about 600-Bt/night.
    What was convenient was that the place is located on Phadaeng Street, which is just a short walk from the park and area where the
    festival takes place.

    BUT...on my trip last month, the S/T hotel was full, so I stayed at the Phadaeng Mansion, which about 50-yards down the street from the
    Wrong Way Cafe. The Phadaeng Mansion...was wonderful...and I highly recommend it. Rooms are large (better on the 2nd floor and up).
    Rates were 400/single, 500/double. Naturally, room rates will be slightly higher during the festival.
    Rooms nicely decorated, HW, AC, TV, refrig, wifi as well as computers to use (free) on each floor. Secure parking.
    Each room's balcony has a sink and clothes rack, for those inclined to wash up their riding gear...a nice touch.
    The owner, Khun 'A-Doon', is most helpful. The location is also just a short walk to the park and festival parade.
    Tel: 045-254600, 045-263263 e-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    However, as the Festival is next month [July] you will probably have problems finding a room at either of the above places.
    For the Candle Festival, and a good and inexpensive lodgings,you really need to plan many months in advance!!
  5. We haven't been able to get a room for the past three years as we waited to long So I decided to take the more expensive one and move on in life. I appreciate the info I will check the other places out. Ubon has a good bike week as well. I'll get some business cards for the next time. Really appreciate it guys. Heck we haven;t n been on a over night trip since Chiang Mai bike week. Thrashed my back on that one. So i guess we deserve a little luxury this time around.

    Anyone esle going let me know and maybe we can meet up. We are looking forward to this one looks like a great event.

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