Ubon Candle Festival

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    Ok so I cheated and it wasn't a bike ride. Darn I labeled and put description on every one. Didn't show up here.

    So I will take a shot at it from here. The little girls are our housekeepers children and he first time they have been out of Udon. First time they have stayed in a hotel. First fro any big event like this. It was as much fun watching Ms. Fang and Paeng venture into the big world as the festival itself

    In one photo you can see the frame work they use to create the wax float. You will see two photos of the guy placing the pieces one by on the float. The a box of the tiny pieces he is using. This one was using a pickup a a pull vehicle, other's used farm tractors.

    I have to tell you have anything bigger then a 125 park it get a Tuk Tuk It would take you an hour to go block on anything bigger.

    We got the worse Tuk Tuk I have ever ridden in engine wise. But, it had every gadget he could imagine on it. Bells, whistled , siren extra red lights you name it. I wouldn't have missed for the world. The guy was real cut up and made the ride fun

    If you have never been to it I would add o the list of great things to do in Thailand.

    If you guys want to see more of it let me know

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    Great pics, thanks for sharing. Looks like you saw more of it then I did and I live about 400 metres from the park!
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    When it's that close it looses some it's attraction, Well I know how it was in the Holiday was busy around your home before that? I could not believe the crowd for this event.
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    Yeah, the traffic was horrendous. I work from home so I didn't go out that much. Took the bike out once and couldn't get out of first gear!

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