Ubon Extream Motor show,,,?????


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Was called by my friend yesterday afternoon that there is "Bike show" in town at 4pm afternoon,, we i'll be there was my answer of course, bikers in Ubon usually dont inform me as i dont ride Harley.... :lol:

It was held in Sunee tower, the latest establicement what cosist hotel, and shopping mall(Half empty) and water park(what is lot's of fun), full size bowling alley(noice level turned to 10 at all time as there is no more in the button left) :cry:

Well here is few photos from the show


Getting really Extream by now??

Yeah, i just could not drreaming my self riding that think in the town, tht would not be pretty to look,,,(Im sure Dougal and Franz has different opinion abt that)

BUT THEN i found Franz dream bike, so you can forget FJR and get this


It has top box and everything and speed is just fenomenal(depends of riders imagenation)



some one with lot of heart for a small bike...where is that turbo in here????


This seems to be nice in the rice field here..

Then HUGE TURN out with Bike Bikes.... :lol:

6bikes, 5 of the Harleys and when i came there,,(No offence for GS rides,but Ubon is bit different,, they look at me and my "Small bike" and told me to park diffrent place as they GS lookes so small, Ubon guys are bit odd some times, they are basically not intrested anything else exept HD and those who are part of they Bike Group..so me and other guy parked "other" place, oh yeah, almost frgot,, you an see they where very smart and placed 500W halogen light front of the show bikes,,first they where too close so guys where thinking that they paint will melt or tyres,,just abt 20cm from front tyre...they did eventually moved tem

I sped almost an 1Hr there, just talking to 2 of my Farang friends(HD) anf then took off as they seald the place and i almost got stucked inside but "nice" guys with they they modifyed cars moved the little for me and off i go. So Ubon has been explored one's again, time to do something more intresting,, but that is oter topic later...