Ubon-Khong Chiam-Pha taem-hong Mek-Ubon 287Km

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  1. Well yesterday was lacy morning and had a feeling that i neededto go ride, but where,, then i remebered that i have not been in Pha Taem National park for 5yrs,, so there,, BUT,,alone,,,HEY i got just few days ago NEW swedish riding buddy, Mikael who moved from phuket to Ubon ad open NEW Swedish restaurant by the Recevoir in town (Lily is his restaurant name)

    So i call him and immediatey he said YES of course he is going,, so i was off to his place and Shite, i got lost in my OWN home town and could not find route to his place,,when arrived there i was late 15min,,

    Then off we go
    Mikael with his HD
    Arrived to national park nd paid Thai price after some fun with LAO language with teller lady,,,she wanted to charge farang price from Mikael but i told her the he is THAI,,LOL
    Nice but HOT day +32c in sun
    Can some one tell me what this sign means,,"No Poke"
    Mandatory pictures for Mikael as it was his first time in there inside as last time when they tryed to go in teller wanted to get farang price when he was there with family and did not budge,,so they turn around and did not go inside.
    Then left park and headed to Khong Chiam and Siridom Dam for dinner
    then on the way back home saw this fantastic looking clowd,,
  2. Colin 55555

    can you belive me, i only took 55 pictures from the trip, but spare all the readers from those booring picturess as there actually was nothing intresting exept these shown...as you know it's very booring roads,ad very long and streit with nothing in either side

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