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    Camera Shop
    Big Camera
    Big C branch

    a high recommendation for service at Big Camera, Big C branch.

    Hanging out in Ubon for a few days on a break from Laos I'd left my camera battery charger in Pakxe. As I'd planned a trip out to Samphanbok from Ubon I did not want to run out of camera batteries & thought of well I will just pick up a  new charger at a camera shop somewhere. Its a Canon charger so it should not be too difficult, I thought. 4 shops later I was bloody worried - no stock anywhere in Ubon - no have. Can get from Bangkok one week.

    Enter Big Camera at Big C. No stock either, but thinking out of the box, the staff offered to ring around & found one in Mukdahan & one in Sisaket. Wait another night in Ubon & you can have it tomorrow by 3PM. The next day a phone at 1Pm & Mr David your 540 baht charger is here.

    There are 2 Big Camera branches in Ubon - one at Central Plaza & one at Big C. The Big C guys & gal are smart on the ball. Forget about Power Buy, Camera World at Central World also.

    So 3 cheers for the staff at Big Camera, Big C branch. Top guys& gals.

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