Ubon Ratchathani

David Race

Mar 4, 2011
A quick up date of my travels in Ubon Ratchathani and surroundings.
I am pleasantly surprised how good this area is and how much there is to see.
If staying in Ubon Ratchathani I can recommend the Sri Isan Hotel.
The cost 550 baht a night where you get a nice room WI fi and down stairs they have a nice restaurant for Breakfast and tea.
You can purchase a breakfast coupon the night before and get an American breakfast for 60 Baht.
A night and day here looking around and seeing the markets would cover this place.

I then recommend traveling the 217 and the 2222 to Khong Chiam which is a great little town to base yourself to discover this area.
This town is on the tributary of the Mekong and mun river, the river here is clean like I have never seen it and you can jump in a boat and do a trip to Laos or just do a trip through the numerous islands.
I can also recommend a stay at the Banrimkhong Resort for 750 Baht which is right next to the Mekong you stay in small cabins which have WI fi and TV.

From here you can visit the Pha Tam National park which is where you see the Sunrise first in Thailand, if you get there early like me and your the only European there like I was you can boast you were the first European to see the new day in Thailand.
There are many other attractions to see there also with rock paintings a thousand years old and just near there the Sao chaliang rocks which form a mushroom like structures.
Just a bit further up the road is Soi Sawan waterfall also worth a look.
The 2112 road connecting these places is a bit rough in parts and there is about 5 ks of dirt to the waterfalls but all in all not to bad.
Also a trip north of that to Sampanbok about another hours ride is worth a look and a small boat ride in the small canyons should be done.
I have spent 3 days in this area and have only just touched this area.
But I have to move along and Waite another time to do some more exploring.
There are hardly any Europeans in this area so you will mostly experience Isan culture.

David a map done of this whole area would be great as so many waterfalls and National Parks and I could not find a good informative map.
Sorry all no Photos but will post when I get back to Chiang Mai.