ubon to pattaya - the hard way.

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  1. 6:30 A.M.

    packed the bike,
    full fuel,
    she-devil full of somtam,
    ready to depart.

    2 P.M

    depart !

    3 pm.

    stop for somtam!
    and jep doot! ( sore bum)

    4 P.M.

    STOP !
    for fuel,
    jep doot

    5 P.M.


    jep doot!

    continue repeating the above procedure, for the next 5 hours !

    overall it was a bloody good trip, the traffic out of banga's was horrendous, but the road coming into pattaya was relatively traffic free.

    the old girl just chugged along on about 120 kph. never missed a beat just drank the fuel.
    what is it with these muppets overtaking on my side of the road and then flashing their lights at me and pushing me onto the verge?
    its no wonder that the wife will not let me buy a handgun !

    this was my second decent trip on this bike and i find travelling in thailand a hell of a lot more fun than travelling around oz.


  2. Ha ha! Sounds like "fun" ;)

    What kind of bike were you riding?

    In Thailand right of way is determined by vehicle size so cars will regularly pass into your lane and try to force you on to the shoulder, which is ok, as long as there is a shoulder!

    If my ball and chain complains of Jeb Toot she'll get dropped at the nearest bus station, but that's just me ;)

    Happy Trails!

  3. rode an xjr1300 , however due to my thorough investigation, consisting of realising that the seats been cut for some shortass, it is a bit uncomfortable.

    easy to fix , next time in oz i will procure an original seat for the doot !


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