Udon Bike Week Ride Saturday Morning

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  1. They actually had this sit up for 0700 I think we go under way around 0900. It was funny we were picking up riders on the way who were late

    Sorry Guys this is a new system for me until I learn how to use good a it's going to get.
    100_2590.jpg 100_2591.jpg 100_2592.jpg 100_2593.jpg 100_2595.jpg 100_2596.jpg 100_2598.jpg 100_2602.jpg 100_2605.jpg 100_2610.jpg 100_2613.jpg 100_2614.jpg 100_2616.jpg

    From the Chese Wat to the 7-11 5 klms fuel, Then doew 22 to Ban Cahing, boring ride really but the Harley's made it interesting with the speeds. :lol:

    Got to Ban Chaing, they had a lunch set up for us. I Budist Monk pray for su this is a special Budhist weekend. I got my string with a special prayor Hey yuo know guys these days I be need all the help I can get.
    We planted a tree not exactly sure why. But, it sure can't hurt. My apologies guys actually lost some photos in this process and I have no idea why. Now wheer is that on off thingy???????
  2. Ray

    Nice pictures missus has taken.

    It was nice ride even speeding behind the police car up to 130kmh...but every one arrived safe& Sound.

    also nice little souviner thay have made for us,, handmade ceramic pot.

    Thanx Ray to keep us well informed as it was mainly publiced in Thai.
  3. The Party

    Meeting new friends touching base with the old ones

    Paying off the guys from Bangkok Anthony R1 brought me present, the girl was supposed to put the beer tower in his hand for the photo, he just was not cooperating :lol: Now me I would not have failed to respond to whatever that l little cutie wanted, Yes your corrrect the wife doesn't read these :wink:
    100_2624.jpg <img src=""
  4. Dancing the night away.

    Yuo will note they are not standing by the table they are on the dance floor and into it good for them even it did take a bit of beer :lol:

    100_2633.jpg 100_2628.jpg 100_2630.jpg 100_2631.jpg 100_2632.jpg
  5. Now this is definetly a labor of love a 200 Phantom bored out to a 250 CC and about 400K in customizing, Yuo will see the wife in there Big Bob from Loie and I think I wa hanging out in one as well. That little grayed lady lives in Chaing Mai, rode it down and is no where close to being finished. I have seen some modified Phantom befoer even owned one but nothing like this. Great job, her vision and that is what counts with bikes.

    100_2636.jpg 100_2637.jpg 100_2638.jpg 100_2639.jpg 100_2640.jpg

    Juzt some Misc. nes I don't think made it as a matter of fact looks like a like didn't make it. This includes the one with the move star I woudld never here then end of that.

    I will try to edit this mess tomorrow I'm pooped, This thing is a pain
    100_2601.jpg 100_2608.jpg 100_2594.jpg 100_2602.jpg 100_2626.jpg

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