Udon Bike Week

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  1. Starts this Saturday, so come on down and say hello.
  2. Might as well make it Lotus, I'll post a time when I know.
  3. Closet thing to an agenda I have seen;

    Provided by Miles from the White Devils:

    Hi Ray,

    still trying to get full info from Eagle Riders but there'll be some kind of meeting at Nongprajak Fri night as everybody shows up, ride starting 8am from the same venue Sat morn. We planned the ride 2 weeks ago, timings etc but it's changed slightly due to roadwork's, figured everybody wouldn't want to be having to wash their bikes before the main meet Sat night! Therefore we'll now be having a bit of a run around town, stopping at the Chinese temple, off out on the Sakhorn Nakhon road past Big C to the ring road, turn right to Nongkhai just before Lotus where we'll stop again for juice at the Jet station. Assuming any latecomers could probably meet us there about 9.30, or probably 10...Thai time!! Off towards Nongkhai, hang a left towards Ban phue (originally planned to stop again at Phu pra bat but I said why bother, no food, coffee or beer and a 1hr walk to see anything?) but now turning right just before the town towards Tha bo, where we hang a right again and follow the river back to Nongkhai. Lunch somewhere there.

    Then we head back to Udorn, not sure if we're taking in any temples or anything on the way back, Eagle riders and White Devils are stopping at Bpuk's shop on my estate for a few cheap beers before riding in to the event together. I believe there will be food at the event but again, can't be sure. One thing is for sure, no T-shirts for your 400b this year as they've paid for Karabow instead, just patches and stickers.


  4. I thought it was during the first weekend in March?
  5. Nope it was last year as I recall, but not this year TT ( Tis Thailand)
  6. Last year it was the end of January(29), i was there with miles that time.

    Rgds, rene.
  7. Sounds good to me time just flies when your having fun. You going to make this year obviusly Miles and I will be there. Might have met you last year.
  8. Well we will be around more then likely. If I'm lucky I will be heading to Chaing Rai in March
  9. Well the bikes started arriving today, but I still don't have a handle on what is going on. it would appear that out of town folks are geetting more information then the locals.

    Miles is going to meet up with some local tonight so something may or may not be planned for tonight. Still don't know for sure where the ride will start tomorrow.
  10. Well it was a great event, much better then last year. They did put out some english information, but only left it at thier contact hotel. I will try to get them to put me in the loop next year, so I can post the activities on here. If it improves even more next year. should be worth the effort. It really was this year.
  11. Shame I couldn't go, should get my bike back good as new in the next week or so. Catch you sooner or later.
  12. Well Pattaay Bike Week in two weeks, Ubon Bike week March 24 & 25. We hope to go to both.
  13. Thanks for the info, I'd imagine the Pattaya gig to be jam packed, busy enough there as it is. Ubon sounds interesting.
  14. Our plans for Pattaya may change don't know yet.

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