UDON Bike Week

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    Udon Bike week is scheduled for Janauary 2o th and 21 st 2012 at the new Nissan market on ring road.

    Contact number are:


    For people out of town the Market is located on the Noun Bua Highway a few klms past the airport from Udon on the right side.
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  3. ray23

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    See you there, it's now in a different location near UD Town . ( My guess would be across the railway line from UD Town where they have car park .)

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    Hi Ray,
    There a half a dozen or more bikes coming from Chiang Mai, so we look forward to seeing you next Saturday night.
  5. ray23

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    The ride on Saturday the 21 st will start from The Chinese Wat at Nong Bua Lake
  6. Rookie

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    Udon bike week just before chinese new year hard to get a room unfortunately I am still in Cambodia see you next time
  7. ray23

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    New Information:

    Latest news Ray,

    On Friday Night there will be a Welcome party.
    Saturday morning there will be a bike ride to the Red Lotus near Khumpawapi and then on to Phu Philom, meeting at 8.30am at the Chinese Temple at Nong Bua Lake departing Thai Time? The Bike Party will be in the evening.

    So it won't be a short ride
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  9. ray23

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    i found the location, is east of rr tracks, just north of the fuel pit for delivery of gasoline. have a big new cement parking lot, and a field to the north along the tracks with tents set up on both sides. traffic is going to be a big problem, coming from east going to have to turn to right across on coming traffic. there are several ways to go in from the east, the longest is lane just before home pro, a nother one is on soi nong bua, across the ring road, and turn just after the wall on the wat on the corner. the other way is to go by the second wat on south side of the wat, and there is another lane, just next to the exs family on small soi,, but you would have to know where it was before hand. not long way from stop light on rr side of the road going to the light. do you have any questions on this. i check it out this after noon.
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    Hi Ray, appreciate your help, but cannot picture where you mean as do not know the fuel depot, or the Wat's, or what exs family is.
    Most of us staying near Irish clock, so how do you get there from the station, or the corner lights near MacDonalds?
  11. ray23

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    Just passing on info, you made it LOL Good seeing you.


    We had a good time, one part of the ride included a short stretch of the most slippery mud I have encountered most got through it. About five didn't you had to be really careful, people could not even walk in it. A few got angry most of us just took a a part of riding here. What caused and unusual have rain for the time of year, Four hours later it had dried out and it was piece of cake to ride through then. We stopped at the Red Lotus Wat and a few rode flat bottom boats through the lily plants, not in bloom at the time. I didnlt gte any phots of the mud part wife was holding on for dear life LOL

    We had a nice buffet lunch ( free) at Phu Phi Lom. It was great riding for the most part, nice curvy route picked out. We had a police escort for the entire trip. When we got back to Udon they actually had us stop at the military circle a main route in Udon, Blocked the intersections so they could get a group photo. The ride was fun.

    The party was a bit different no Coyote girls at least while I was there, as usual we went home early. But still some really cuties around. I tricked a my brother in law into a photo ( very shy ) I told him I was going to print the photos and send them to his wife. If he didn't get a picture of a pretty girl on his . The task was completed.

    So all and all a really fun day meeting up with and new friends
  12. ray23

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    Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012

    Another link to the photos. this one courtesy of Eagle Rider and it has the mud pit as well

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