Udon Mae Hong Son Loop


Oct 14, 2005
this is the general ride plan. I'm putting it out for comments and feed back I think it will accomplish a look at the Golden Tri Angel and Mae Hong Son, might even get is back to Udon :lol:

Input will be appreciated a first time trip for me.

Forgot if anyone wants to hook up with us, there will ony be two of us.

my number 086-229-8884

Keep in mind we are going to be sight seeing and taking things slow.

Loie to 2115 No L/T

2195 W. L/T

2195 becomes 1267

1268 No R/T

1268 becomes 1243

1083 W R/T

1026 No. R/T
to Non

1091 W L/T

1251 N/W L/T

to 1 and Phayo

Phayo Pois Village to Chaing Rai?

Chaing Rai 1 to Mae Sai

1 to 1149 L/T

1149 to 1338 R/T

1338 to 1089 R/T

1089 to 107 R/T

107 to 1095 R/T

Mae Hong Son


108 to 1263

1263 to 1284

1284 to 102

Chaing Mai

11 to Phittslanuk

12 to Chumpae

12 to 2228 Nong Bua Lampho L/T



Dec 18, 2007

You did not clearly say where you were stopping for the night.

Anyway just 2 comments.

1. Coming from Na haeo North on 1268 you said you will take 1243.
Check with the guys re the state of the road 1243. You can just as
easily take 1083 to 1026 to 101 to Nan. 1083 is a great road.

2. If you are going North from Nan to Chiang Rai I suggest you take
1080 then left on 1148 (greatest road up there) to Chiang Kham.
Then 1021 and 1020 to Chiang Rai.

Whichever way you go I hope you have great ride and I have your number to call you to meet at the bike week.


Oct 14, 2005
Thanks Dougal have no idea where we will be at what times going to ride about 200Klms and then look for a kick back place. If we feel like doing a bit more that day or something hasn't caught our attention to play tourist at we may get further then that on any given day

Taking two weeks the only thing scheduled is the Bike week, the rest is as it comes.

Thanks for the road suggestions I will check them out. I really want to see areas I haevn't seen before.


Oct 14, 2005
Thanks guys I will try to work them in, have to spend sometime in the Padet area, wifes village whose name she doesn't remember if it even has one. Definetly a wide spot in the road. Haven't taken her there in five years so few hours there for sure.

She can't even remeber what roads are involved but we should be pretty close from Phayo and work it out from there. I remember from the last time goood road to continue on in to Chaing Rai. But since I don't know where I'm starting bit hard to plan the section of the trip :lol: