Udon Ride List, darn thing's outgrown me again LOL


Oct 14, 2005
We started out on this journey a long time ago with guys riding 200's Ect. Today many riding 1000 CC's and bigger.

In the beginning it was very apparent that riders were very different. John in Khon Kean stepped in for the sport bikes. At the time I thought that would do the trick fast guys and slow guys.

I was dead wrong. I believe there are really three types of riders Fast, Medium and slow.

Well I'm slow. I really don't see a need to create a third grouping.

Riding is a very individual aspect of life. I have limits, I will not ride past my abilty nor the ability of my equipement and I will ride to the prevailing road conditions.

I truly beleive the ride list is a benefit to the community and I fully intend to continue with it. I enjoy the social aspect and have met some great people through this. I will post rides for anyone that cares to give me the information.

I will in addition post my own rides and lead them. Man will I miss Dil leading that is a terrible thing to do but I can do it. So if I post a ride it will be slow and I will lead, count on getting lost I do that. Also count on frequent breaks. Something I need to do for my back.

I will post them show up if that kind of riding fits for you, if not you probably won't be very happy with the ride. I believe riding as a group means riding together and that means riding to weakest rider not the best.

That can be very frustrating for experienced riders.

But me I'm retired not in hurry to go anywhere and I enjoy really seeing the area that I go through.

Since I have made many friends here I have no desire to upset anyone and sometimes just saying what's on your mind is the best approach. So I don't mean to offend anyone and hope to maintain the friendships I have made. But I have to ride as I can.

So I will be doing it my way, if it fits anyone is welcome. If it doesn't hopefully the other guys will continue to get the infromation out on the rides they take and everyone should have a group they can be comfortable with on a ride.

Socially such as the Eagle Riders meeting I see no reason why we all can't share that aspect.

So in the future if I post a ride I will identify it as a slow ride. If you don't see that, then it more then likely it will be a mid group ride not quiet as fast as sport bikes, but not slow.