Udon Thani Air Bike Festival

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    Udon Thani Air & Bike Festival
    17-19 January 2014

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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Cool, Another Trip to go on!
  4. ray23

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    Udon Bike Week

    Spoke with Oiu today, tentative schedule is the 17th, 18 th & 19 th Ride scheduled for the 18th and main party that night. Right now they say Udon Center. Not sure how that will work. Since it's like Chaing Rai airplane bike week. Nothing said about cars, But, they have been at the other bike weeks

    The planes we saw at Chaing Rai were powered para gliders and some very impressive model aircraft. He said he would firm things up soon. Nothing like waiting till the last min.

    I will put this on some other sites since participation was really low for what we expected. If there are changes I will notify you guys.

    I think the site may change UD Town would not be a good place for all I see on the poster
  5. ray23

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    Saw an event organizer today, he said that on the 18th there will be a ride ride will start I think from the Thailand Air base Squadron 3 at 0830 on the 18th. The party will be at UDD Town Center that night Now I was getting this third hand. so I'm not sure it's accurate or not. He kept saying it was all day, did he man the ride would be all day, or the air base activities would be all day I don't have clue Anyway it starts at the Airbase on the 18th just not sure what it is LOL
  6. DavidFL

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    From GMC Bikers..


    17th Jan 2014 (Friday)
    0800 – 1800 – All participants FLY IN and Air Activities at the Udonthani International Airport

    18th Jan 2014 (Saturday)
    0800 – 1000 – Celebration of 121st year of Udonthani Province in City Hall (All aviators are invited VVIP)
    - World record breaking Dance of 5,000 dancers on the road.
    1200 – 1300 – Opening ceremony of UiABF2014 in Udonthani International Airport
    1300 – 1700 – Air Activities
    1800 – 2000 – 121st year celebration with Firework display in Udonthani City (All aviators are invited VVIP)
    2030 – late – Big Bike Party, Concert & Food fest in Udonthani City

    19th Jan 2014 (Sunday)
    0630 – 0930 – Tour to Red Tulip Lake and breakfast
    1000 – 1600 – Tour around Udonthani and visit to Vientiane Laos for border shopping.
    1900 – 2030 – 121st year celebration with Thai Theater drama in City Hall (All aviators are invited VVIP)
    2030 – 2200 – Farewell dinner hosted by Udonthani Governor Mr Seni Chittakasim

    20th Jan 2014 (Monday)
    0700 – 1800 – All participant FLY OUT… Sayonara

    Organizer will provide Coaches for the aviators, courtesy of UDM.

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