Udon Thani Bike Week

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  1. February 6th and 7 th 2009 to be held at Nom Prajak Park.

    The contact registration numbers are.

  2. IS anyone coming from the Bnagkok area, rider there looking for a ride partner?
  3. I hope i am back from work by then I wanna go to that show so bad i could poo myself.
  4. DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you miss this one we will fidn you another :lol:
  5. Ray,

    Think I may be able to go.
    Would ride to somewhere like Korat on Thursday 5th. Feb. So could meet anyone on Friady 6th. at Korat for the ride up.
  6. I will most likely go and will be coming from Bangkok. Will take the 6th off and most likely ride up to Korat on the evening of the 5th and stay overnight then head out from Korat on the morning of the 6th.

    Anyone wanting to link up can contact me here, or at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or my mobile 084 660 6460

    Dan :lol:
  7. Thanks Dan I will pass it on to the guy who was asking
  8. Update Udon Bike Week:

    The dates are Feruary 6th and 7 th, not much going on the 6th an evening meeting at a local resturant.

    The ride will be from Nam Prajek Park to Nong Han then Ban Chaing and back to Udon on the 7th. The ride meet is at 0700 leave at 0830 ( Thai Time) 0830 should be fine, The party is that evening.

    Everything is still in Thai, it was like pulling teeth to get this info so the best I could do.

    Closet Hotel is Udon Resort. New place so nice.

    Pop car rentals


    Rates are 320 to 450. ( sorry no discount couldn't ask at those prices) Only down side Thai hard beds, western bathrooms and TV with six channels, in english, aircon but I doubt you will need it pretty cold here in the evenings now.

    I spoke to this young lady so to book rooms contact her at this address mention the bike week.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Directions from Khon Kean. right on ring road, first block after Lotus turn left about one block on the left. (Small Soi but the closet place).

    Hotel to event:

    Left from the hotel go to T intsection right turn to red light, make a left you will see the entrance Nam Prajek Park.

    Guys this is a good deal so if you want it I would get busy on booking rooms not a big place. As you can tell it is being posted
  9. Thanks for the info Ray.

    I'll be coming up and meeting Dan in Korat.

    See you there.
  10. If all are clear for me here and i'm still around,, i'll wanna hook up as well.

    Are you guys heading up via HW 2?
  11. Thats great,

    I would lock that hotel in quickly. You have any problems let me know I will help.
  12. Marco,

    Yes it will be Route 2. Myself and KHUNDAN are planning to get to and meet in Korat on Thursday 5th. Feb, then riding up R2 to Khon Kaen and Udon Thani on Friday 6th. Feb.
    KHUNDAN and me are just waiting to see if anyone else is going so we can confirm the arrangements.
    Hoping to get a couple each from BKK and Eastern.

    Likewise we can not firm up hotels until we know the numbers.
  13. Peter & Dan

    I can hook up with you guys in KK then (if im still around here)
  14. Dougal old age do you live in the Surin area?
  15. Maeco,
    Would be great to meet you on the way. Give me a bit of time and then I'll confirm with you.

    How is the old age going? Remembered you are one of the "revered" ones!
    You got the first letter correct, but it's Sri Racha in Chonburi.
  16. I mewt somebody from Surin, darned if I remember who it was. I know Dan has got a second place up there but it wasn't him. I will at some point head up that way, check out the infamous Cambo Thai market and the Khmer ruins in the area.

    Chon Buri heck the traffic in Chaing Mai got to me :lol:

    PS David, do you have a good Ching Mai map for us out of towners.
  17. Everyone going to Udon, best of luck and be safe.
    I went up there new years eve, left at 2 in the afternoon and got there 8.30 and that was with horrendous traffic jams,I reckon you should get there just under 5 hours .....If you are going to go all that way might I suggest that you go the extra 50 klicks and go to Nongkhai to see the Mekong
    Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 576 ] - Click to view full image

    I really thought the food was great in the Irish clock and I know some of you guys are staying there but what have you worked out about parking/security for your bikes?
    Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 576 ] - Click to view full image

    You have got to check out this place Harley O' Tooles, its within stumbling distance of the clock. Cool new owner named Eddie , I went to Udon to see this place I heard it was owned by a fellow Irishman and Harley rider,but he'd already sold it to an American (Eddie)the current owner, good guy I was up til 8am on new years day!
    Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 576 ] - Click to view full image
    Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 576 ] - Click to view full image

    Alright have a great trip, F.B.
    p.s. If you have any bike parking issues speak to Eddie he can help I'm sure.
  18. Hi Guys!

    We'll see you there. Riding from Bangers on Saturday and staying at the Irish Clock.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony and Nong
  19. Great Guys be good to see some of you. I donlt know how mnay people could get away wih it. But Friend came up one weekend and Steve at the Irish clock let him put his bike inside a night. ask thre have been a few problems in the area. Nothing about stealing bikes that I know of.

    Being a creature of habit never been Otooles but I hear good things about it

    Eight guys for the Naga (Chon Buri) are coming up as well I understand they are going through Nong Khia on the way back.

    Look you have problems call me 086-229-8884.

    I will probably be on the ride Saturday morning. But I've seen the area if I need to cut it short no big deal.

    Watch your speeds about 30 Klm out of Korat and your lane position. location the Highway coppers have set up in the past. Generally they don't mess with bikers much.

    Ride is Saturday 0815 a good time to be ther scheduled to pull out 0830, at Nam Prjak park. Steve will have copies of the Udon Map free got about all you need about Udon in it.

    I will be at the part with our ride list guys gives me a call might as well hook up.

    Be great to meet you guys.

    I hear it's better then the first one, the first one was a lot of fun. The party itself will be across the street from the park.

    see yuo Saturday.
  20. For the party:

    Our guys will meet up in front of the main entrance to the park, across the street at 1800 Hours. I understand seating has already been arranged for us your more then welcome to meet with us there.

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