Udon Thani bike weekend

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  1. This year this happening will take place on Saturday 27 January, bikecontest,some meet and greet and in the evening some music etc.
    The 28th will be a riding day, in the morning there will be a split up between the sportbikes and the easygoing,s.
    Last year we went to Nong Khai-Sri Chiangmai.
    Also its a perfect happening to meet other (isarn) riders.
  2. Is there going to be another one in 2007?
  3. Yes vroom, there is!
    same place, 26, 27 and 28 january.
    rgds rene.
  4. Are they planning another ride to Laos, cause that pretty much cuts a lot of people out?

    It was fun last year even with that.
  5. See you there then....
  6. The posters are out now out for the 2007 event, the dates are changed on the posters. they are showing 2-7-2007

    There is a contact number 042-347900
  7. Before I get shot, I posted the date wrong. maybe it's old age the correct date is 2-3-2007


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