Udon Thani Restaurants

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  1. Udon Western foods all good

    Harry's Bar

    TJ's good Cheese burgers, American Chili, Real American Breakfast. apple pie pevcan pie. (homemade)

    Irish Clock more Brititsh style foods

    Taco Place Mexican food

    Mojo' s best fish and chips I have ever had, but I'm American

    Hang out and look at sweetie's the Nigth Market

    Hang out and do more then look, I'm out of the market LOL Probably farrang alley across from Robinsons.

    Lots of great Thai night clubs:

    Fullmoon ( Khan Kean Highway in the area of the airfroce base)
    Cellar Pub
    YellowBird ( both behind the Charoen Hotel)
    Western Pub live American Western music

    Sorry guys there are lot more I just don't hang out much anymore.
  2. Breakfast - 95 baht - at Seaside 2




    can't complain for the price.
    Located in the expat bar strip soi, you get to see some interesting characters in the late morning.
  3. Labieng Patchanee
    by the lake Nong Prajak
    N17 25 10.7 E102 47 04.9

    a delightful open air balcony restaurant

    nice relaxing atmosphere
    good food


    & service


    light music to entertain customers


    lakeside views from the doorstep.


    how good does it get. ;)
  4. Pub & Restaurant: Lanchang / Ngao Chan?

    GPS Waypoint: N17 25 19.2 E102 46 55.0

    by the lake Nong Prajak & just 500 metres from Labieng Patchanee.

    More a drinking spot with half decent music.


    One night there was a group of local cafe bikers there.

    & why the guys come - attentive staff


    I ended up here twice - by mistake, trying to find the Kittakawee / Khita Kawi Pub & Restaurant that is supposedly in the soi next door, but I never found it.
    However I did not mind - the open air atmosphere, music & service was fine by me.
    I must say too that the Tom Ya Pla I had there was one of the best ever - check it out. The snack dishes were however only mediocre.

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