Udon to Phitsanaluk

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  1. Udon to Phitsanaluk.

    We did it as a two day ride Sha Sha stopping along the way to enjoy the view truly beautiful country. Great people going and coming. As to Phitsanaluk. Good place to sleep but that’s about it. Without a doubt the most unfriendly people I have encountered in Thailand thus far. Ate at German restaurant and the farrang even went so far as to tell I there was no river in the city. One of the guys rented a 750 here in Udon something new a big bike rental in Udon. The bike was just fine.

    Met a Thai guy who spoke great English, turns out he lived in L.A. for years. Owns a gas station 0n 201 after the left from 210, if you down that way stop by and say hello you will enjoy the conversation. His name is Cha (tea)

    On the way back we stopped at the Loie Winery, interesting place big operation.

    Ok the nuts and bolts Udon to Phitsanaluk.

    210 to 201

    201 to 203

    203 to 2013. You will run into a short stretch of road construction here.

    2013 to 212

    Phitsanaluk. To Udon

    212 to 21

    21 to 203

    203 to 210

    We rode in about 150 Klms of rain on the way back, but we were taking it easy anyway so just a bit uncomfortable. A lot of the ride is in the mountains so a fun one. Roughly 390 Klms one way, If you plan on overnighting in Phitsanaluk. Trust me no need to be in a hurry.
  2. Who know's maybe it was a full moon, only one night
  3. yes, I have stayed also quite a few times in Phitsanulok in the Amari Lagoon at 800 baht including breakfast. The floating restaurants in the river are a good place to eat and while away the time. The "Wat Yai" (it has another name which escapes me at the moment but everyone calls it like this) is worthwhile to see but otherwise there is not much to see.

    By the way, Rd 201 does not exist anymore and has become Rd 27 for reasons unknown.
  4. You might be right my maps is about three years old, but as I recall the road markers still say 201, but hey I'm old.

    Actually there looked like there wa lot to do Phitsnaluk. What surprised me was the people reactions to us. All three of us could speak Thai to some degree. We wer not weaing clors a a mater of fact had parked the bikes at the hotel, we were dresseed nicley. Didn't look like bums at all. When you greeted them the only response was to turn away and ignore you. Like I said maybe it was a full monn who knows.

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