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    Can anybody tell me if its possible to ride from Um Phang To Sangkhlaburi using a road bike?
    I don't think so but just want to be sure, I will be using a rented motorbike, probably without licence plates.
    My goal is to ride from Chiang Mai to Kanchanaburi using senic routes, no highway and it seemed to me that the route Chiang Mai - Mae hong Song - Mae Sariang - Mae Sot - Umphang - Sangkhlaburi - Kanchanaburi would be very nice, but I don't think the part Umphang - Sangkhlaburi is passable without much trouble.
    Any other route suggestions are very welcome!!

    Thanks, Koen

    P.S. When I'm back I will try to write my first trip report[8)]
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    When we were there last February locals told us "impossible"... We road some of the two roads going out of town to the south, but after a few miles found them way too challenging for our 1150RT.

    David and Mai

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