Umphang: Li Su Falls Road Closed For Wet Season


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
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Road to Lo Su Falls closed for rainy season
Thursday, 8 June 2006

Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary cuts off vehicle traffic to waterfall, accessible only by trek or whitewater raft

Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary has closed its road to the 200-m Lo Su Waterfall in Tak province effective from now until 30 October, due to the rainy season and rugged roads.

The 25-km route from Huay Nong Luang in Amphoe Umphang to the main entrance of the multi-level Lo Su Waterfall is closed to busses and cars during rainy season to give time for the natural environment as well as the wildlife to rejuvenate.

Tourists, who wish to travel to the Lo Su Waterfall during this period, have two options:

Routing1 : Whitewater rafting from Amphoe Umphang to reach Tha Sai, followed by a 10-km trek (three to four hours)

Routing2: Trekking from Huay Nong Luang along the 25-km trail closed to vehicles (four to five hours)

People who would like to visit the Lo Su Waterfall during the rainy season must contact the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary staff in advance at, tel: 055 561 338

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