"uncle Dog's" Custom Leather Shop


Dec 9, 2008
Uncle Dog's Leather shop; N 19 deg 53.571', E 99 deg 49.857'. It is on the west side of the old Phahon Yothin Road, north of Mae Kon intersection and the new Triumph Showroom.

Uncle Dog is a biker and member of the Chiang Rai Springer Club. He rides a Suzuki 750 chopper and had just returned from a run to Phuket and back.

I ordered a new leather tank bag for my Thunderbird. Picked it up a week later, cost 2500 Baht. Seems pretty good, thick strong leather and laser embossed old Triumph logo. Nice....

If you need anything in leather, in Chiang Rai... Uncle Dog is your man.

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