UNSEEN PHATTHALUNG...road less travelled....

Discussion in 'South Thailand Motorbike Trip Reports Forum' started by tehsk30, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Figuring out how to post the photos instead of the links....anyway hi GT Riders... I m back with more southern Thai n Malaysian photos. Cheers
  2. 12487_10202653295507294_635221108_n.



  3. We were the only foreigners around. Even the menu pages in Thai. How I ordered? Went to the fridge n kitchen n point...LOL
  4. Hi bro,

    Look nice, must be a cooling place I guess. Which part of Phatthalung? Any coordinate?
  5. the name of the place is khlong hu rae or hu rae stream. (u can see the signboard on the phatthalung highway near the ko si ko ha intersection. i will chk my gps for the coordinates. cheer and happy riding

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