Up around the Golden Triangle + along the 'Khong.

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  1. A quick blast for some piccies around the GT & on the 'Khong, for a forthcoming UK bike mag story.
    Tues-Wed-Thurs Nov 18-19-20

    Glorious weather & scenery along the Doi Tung - Mae Sai Burma border road

    At the top of the switch-backs

    You know where

    Sunset along the Mekong

    Morning along the 'Khong
    (How did he get up so early eh Franz?)







    Houei Xai from the Portside Hotel in Chiang Khong
    Check out the Portside Hotel for a convenient place to stay in Chiang Khong

    Coming up from the Mekong

    Quick happy snaps only from me. The other guy has the good stuff - wait for it in the coming months.
  2. David

    Nice pix from that gorgeous area in fantastic weather, really sends me reminiscing our previous trips. And good to see the mighty Khong carrying water for a change. :D Last time we rode that road, there were nothing but rocks left right and center!

    The wifey and I will hit CNX coming Friday. I can only buy you a beer if you're at the Kafe late that night... :wink:

    Hope to catch up with you some time soon!
  3. Did the Guesthouse offer Beer instaed of coffee for breakfast ???? :lol:
  4. Aha, got you. Nah no beer, but I didnt get in till very late after closing down the kow tom shop with employees from the Madam Pub, so I dont think I really got to sleep & it was time to get up for a photo shoot. Lucky I got to leave my helmet on eh? 8)
  5. Hihihi !!!!!!! Really no foto of our fearless leader without the helmet on; your Rayban's would have been sufficient........just needed to cover your eyes, otherwise comera would have failed, like taking a picture of a mirror...............555555555555...........

    Looking forward to test some beers with you, Maew and Peter Dougal & friends on the weekend from 5th to 7th of December !!!!!!!

    PS: Peter again helped me to get rid of the old SINGHA stock at home this weekend, my house now is known for the freshest beer in the whole of Thailand, doesn't get older than 2 weeks right now..........

    Cheers, Franz

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