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  1. http://www.tourismthailand.org/festival ... 976-1.html

    Check this out several guys have expressed an
    interest in this and it does in fact look like fun.

    But it's not that far away so now would be a good time
    to start thinking about places to stay ect. At least
    three guys have indicated that they want to go. So how
    about a little feed back here if you have an interest.
    Maybe we can put soemthing together. The thougth at
    the moment is to stay one night.
  2. Yep that is the one Dave, this will be first for me really looking forward to it. We are stumped on where to get rooms got any ideas?

    As far as I know no one is locked into dates yet so we can more then likely go the same day as you. It's always good to see friends.
  3. Ray
    There's never enough rooms, or good enough rooms.
    You have to confirm & "pay in advance" for someone to keep them for you.
    I once booked by phone to a hotel I'd stayed at twice before, & on the day when I rolled up someone else had the rooms. They arrived earlier & just offered more money. It's tough!
  4. Found one that says it in Dan Sai Phu Pha Nam Resort ,are yuo familiar with it is ti really in Dan Sai?

    Ain't cheap :lol:
  5. Phu Pha Nam Resort is about 13 km east of Dan Sai near the junction of Rd 203 and Rd 2013 in Kok Ngam
  6. We have booked five rooms in Phu Ruea as close as we could get about 30 Klms from Dan Sai.

    The name of the hotel is Phu Ruea resort

    Phone numbers:

    042-899 048
    042 899 042

    The riders who haev comitted to go are:

    Tung Daee
    John Udon

    Dil is going to do a ride plan

    The basic plan at this point is we live on The Friday the 4 th and return On Sunday the 6th spendinfg two nights, so we can take in as much of the festival as possible.

    I beleive the event schedule is a follows

    4 July

    Phra Upakut convocation ritual on the bank of the Mun River

    A Buddhist merit-making ritual is performed at Phra Kaeo Aasa Road. Breakfast is served to Buddhist monks as a merit-making offering.

    A Bai Sri Su Kwan ritual is performed.

    Chao Phor Kuan and Mae Nang Tiam procession to Wat Ponechai temple

    An opening ceremony marks the beginning of the Buddhist merit-making and Phi Ta Khon festival
    Phi Ta Khon exhibition at the Phi Ta Khon folk museum at Wat Ponechai temple
    Shop for local products and handicrafts
    Have a taste of local fare at the folk cuisine centre

    Phi Ta Khon Contest – Qualifying round

    Clean Food – Good Taste Food Festival at the evening market

    A ‘Moh Lam’ folk music performance at Baan Dan Sai Community School

    5 July

    A live demonstration of how Phi Ta Khon masks are handcrafted at the Phi Ta Khon folk museum at Wat Ponechai temple

    Phi Ta Khon folk dance contest at Wat Ponechai temple

    Phi Ta Khon Procession proceeds along Phra Kaeo Aasa Road heading towards Wat Ponechai temple

    The Prince Vessandara Procecssion sets off from Ban Doen intersection and heads towards Wat Ponechai temple

    Buddhist sermons at Wat Ponechai temple

    6 July

    04.00 – 08.00
    Buddhist sermons and Buddhist merit-making rituals

    08.00 – 10.00
    The performance of rituals to cast away bad karma

    If yuo have an interest I strongly suggest you try to book room it took weeks to find these.

  7. Ray & Co
    See you there late Friday. I will be riding over from Cnx. Got a room booked in town somewhere via my local contact.
    I plan to be in Dan Sai 2 nights - Frid 4th & Sat 5th - with Sunday 6th probably Loei.
    It will be good to see you again.
  8. Thanks David I found that one as well but for some reason my computer won't open the event schedule. Is it about the same or very different?
  9. Ok this is where things stand at the moment some of us will be coiming up Thursday adn others on Friday. One guy decided not to spend the nihgt so we have one room available if soemone needs it. Please let me know quickly as I have to change to include Thursday. If no one wants the room I need to cancel it.
  10. Ray & Co
    Good to see you guys are on the ball.
    I too will be arriving in Dan Sai Thursday 2nd now, after a phone from my local contact yesterday advising that the parade starts on Friday, so you need to be in town on Thursday night to catch the build up to the event & the parade Friday.
    See you all there then.
  11. See you then

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