**update** Na Meo Border Crossing

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by Adam29, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Adam29

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    Hey all!

    Fantastic news I am elated to share:

    On Aug 26, 2012 I crossed from VN to Laos with a Viet registered 110cc Win at the Na Meo Crossing despite a lot of chat to the contrary. There really is not much to report on. There were no difficulties except I didnt have enough USD to pay for the Lao visa. The Lao guard just took a combination of USD, VND, and LAK.

    The Viet guard asked for a 20USD fee, which is what is suspect got me through. The Laos guys asked a few questions about the bike, if it was mine, if I it was Vietnamese, if I had the papers. I was anxious at that point, but it worked out.

    I was extremely worried because of all the talk of Viet bikes being turned away recently. For those who know the area, Na Meo is far and hard to get to. It's a pain if you're turned away!

    Spread the word!

    Im taking my Viet bike south towards the Cambo border at Muong Khong. Anyone have any info on that?

    All the best!
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  3. guichard

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    Hello Adam,
    Glad you made it smoothly.
    Last Dec and Jan I have been in touch with a guy on a french forum:He entered Laos at Tha Chang coming from Tay Trang(Dien Bien Phu)on his100cc Honda Win,Vietnam registered.
    He left Laos at Muang Khong with no problem at all despite the fact he was told it was impossible by several chatters.
    He actually spent New Year's eve in Sihanoukville where he sold his bike though it is officially forbidden.
    Don't forget 25$ for the cambo VOA!
    Cheers, Lung.
  4. Thorsten S.

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    February 2017: Successfully and easily crossed from Vietnam to Laos at Na Meo on a Fake Vietnamese Honda Win 100 . The road on Vietnamese side is in a very good condition, though the Lao side is a bit rough but still easy to navigate.
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  5. DavidFL

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    Many thanks for the update.
    Much appreciated.

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