Update on Scott from Siam racing.

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  1. I have just heard today some news about Scott, he was arrested in the UK in possesion of over one Kilogram of cocaine , and was held on bail in a prison near Hull, somehow he managed to raise a considerable bail fee and then absconded from the UK using a Romanian passport .Whoever lent him the money for the bail must be gutted !!!.
    His current whereabouts are unknown but he is now on Interpol wanted list and i doubt he will be returning to Thailand any time soon.

    The source of this info is a retired law enforcement officer from UK who lives in Thailand .
  2. Sounds like another Siam Superbike or Motozone horror story. :roll:
  3. Yes ..several people who post on here have been burned by him for books on bikes and he sold several bikes with no import papers so the owners are stuffed for getting registration,but thats old history.Its doubtful now that they will have any redress
  4. Probably half ain't true and the other half I don't believe.
    I've heard that he's opened another MC shop in Romania.
    But he fell in love with a girl whose husband is a policeman, had to escape over the balcony using her nylons; he's shaved his legs and is working now at night in the red light district of a harbor town which name I can't pronounce. Said he has plans to contract whole villages to grow hair for the wig market and applied or a job as a ship's cook on a freighter to Lebanon.
  5. Exactly. If truly on Interpol, he's done for. Will have to smuggle himself overland and upriver to lay low in a hut in Nong Khiaw for 7 years or so.
  6. Well the bottom line is whatever is true or not he left a mess behind him in Thailand for many of his customers ..which i warned people about 4 years ago ,especially his perchant for not paying import tax on bikes he sold so the books and registrations he promised his customers would never ever arrive .
    He also stiffed 2 Thai investors on his publishing endeavour and the Thai importer of some of his stock was owed money so its not only Farang who got burned.

    I will try and get for info on what happened in UK ..i agree that getting bail for such a large Coke bust seems starnge but with a good lawyer(dodgy lawyer) it is possible .
    They would have removed his UK passport etc .
    I actually know a Sussex bloke who got bail after an armed robbery where he stole £60,000 from a bookmaker with a shotgun and pistol .He was out on bail for 10 months before trial where he got 9 years in prison.
  7. Just facts from firsthand experience is best. Hearsay, accusations, rumours & urban myths won’t do anyone any favours.
  8. David the source of the info is reliable un unbiased, he still does some liason work for British embassy and Thai police even though he is retired,
    he probably knows more but has to be discrete. I asked him if i could pass on the info and he said yes . The mess Scott left has reached official levels here in Pattaya although TRhai law is weak in the cases and i have been trying to help a few people get bikes legal with not much success as there are no import duty documents .We have got one HD and one Suzuki legal as the import documents were obtained via the importer although the customers had to stump up serious mony for the documents as Scott owed the importer of those 2 bikes money. 2 Ducatis we have been unable to trace any import papers , one 998 is on an illegal book and the owner seems to accept that risk and the other a 999 will end up as a track bike . A W650 Kawasaki also is missing import documents but it seems a duplicate book may solve that one as the owner is a Thai chap. I know there are a few other bikes out there with problems of no import papers how many I dont know Scott kept the owners dangling with promises for ages knowing he was not going to get books.
  9. In my opinion this sort of stuff should not be posted unless there is something to back it up like news reports, I've tried finding such reports and found nothing. Not saying it's not true but will reserve judgement until I see proof.
  10. Nice first post! Your experience during your stay in Bang Kwang I presume? :lol:
  11. is this Spam ? or a fellow inmate?????
  12. 4 million baht! Whoop! I'd be wanting to rip him limb from limb for doing that!

    Well if this dude is on the run from the UK I don't fancy your chances at getting him to materialise in Thai court on the 24th December my old fruit!
    He'll get what's due to him, karma comes around in strange ways in these eastern lands...
  13. Please excuse me if I take this latest developement with a rather large pinch of salt.
  14. Sorry, Thread now closed gents.

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