Upgrade KLX250/DTX250 forks - Fully adjustable 1995 KX500 Forks and Triples

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  1. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    I imported these forks from the U.S. to swap into a KLX250/D-Tracker 250, but ended up not buying that bke. (Google planetklx for swap in pics and info!). The forks are 43mm KYB from a Kawasaki KX500 1995 model.

    Benefits: BOTH Compression & Rebound adjustment, Higher quality, increased rigidity etc..

    The forks and Triples are in excellent condition and have just been sitting in their box since they arrived. Seals are in good condition on the forks, but I'd still advise replacing them and the triples are all fine too.

    Bt16,900 for the Forks and Triples.
    Price is negotiable.

    Tim - 080 244 3023

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  3. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Good luck with the sale.

    Damn, I was looking for a heavy duty set of KX forks to upgrade like this for many months & gave up in the end!! Last month I fitted some stiffer springs from Moto-pro USA to address the D-Tracker soft spring nose diving bs.

    To anyone out there looking to seriously beef up their KLX/D-Tracker front end......make the guy an offer!
  4. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Cheers mate,

    I'd actually been watching your posts here and over at Kawa forums. You have quite a nice bike and I certainly had ideas of doing pretty similar things!
    Hope it's still working well. There can't be many who have EFI BB kits.

    Haven't had much interest as yet - if this continues I'll be happy to drop the price and see them get some use at least.
  5. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    I tried to PM you but you have disabled that feature.

    Thanks for the offer & just maybe if the price is right, I might go for it.......just can't help myself sometimes!!

    The only problem is I don't do jumps or go offroad (maybe some pavement jumping in traffic jams & Thai potholes). Also my bike is 2011 & has black forks/clamps & that would require painting/powder coating!! With the new Moto-pro 0.52kg/mm HD fork springs & 10mm's of pre-load spacers fitted (stainless steel washers), my front end is damn near perfect for the streets & I can grab massive handfuls of front brake without usual crappy KLX/D-Tracker soggy nose-diving....:thumbup:.

    Of course the KX500 setup would be better but not by much on the streets.

    I kinda wish you good luck in the sale & take the temptation away from me & yet more hard work for me to paint them/fit them!! Lets see what happens, someone will want them for sure.

  6. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Sorry about the PM business - didn't realize I had it turned off! (is now on)

    A lot of people do the springs and that should go most of the way, and improve the front end a lot - fork swap would be a much bigger mission too!!
    I'll keep you updated, and let you know if/when I drop the price etc. (I've only advertised it here, on TV and on Baht sold.)

    Cheers again for your interest!
  7. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

  8. dude541

    dude541 New Member

    do you still have these? what would be your best price shipped to England uk?
  9. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Still have them, and I would be happy to send them to the UK - but it just wouldn't be worth your while.
    If you are in the UK, your best bet would be to look on ebay.com (US), and have them shipped from the US.

    When I bought them from the US - shipping was huge, and I even had to pay tax on the shipping cost here in Thailand.

    Good luck!
  10. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Still have them, and I would be willing to send them to the UK, but because of the weight/shipping cost - it wouldn't be worth your while.
    I would suggest looking on US ebay.com (where I found mine) and then have them sent to you.
    I paid huge shipping costs to get the parts to Thai, and then paid tax on item value and shipping, making it hard to resell with additional shipping!

    Good luck with the hunt though!

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