upgrading a 250 Djebel to 650cc. Your thoughts..

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by cdrw, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    I appreciate your thoughts on this...

    After getting a new clutch and battery on my 250 Djebel, the shop owner [Nissan Bikes on 3rd Rd] said he couldn't help in my now futile search
    for a DR650se, but he suggested they could put a 650cc engine in my Djebel and handle the (legal) change on the green book.
    Does this seem like a logical approach? The weight gain would be minimal, as the heavier DR650 is only 20kg more than the Djebel.

    Changing the gearing on the Djebel is a viable option, which would help on those long tarmac rides, but a loss of gearing in the dirt.

    Or, would this be another of my completely irrational thoughts.... :)
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  3. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    It doesn't seem possible to me without major cutting and re-welding of the frame, the DR650 engine looks a lot longer than the 250 and probably a fair bit taller also.
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Jay same opinion as penetrator. Other possibility could be a Yam TTR 250 Raid and any SRX or SR 400-500-600 engine. Advantage would be the sheer amount of used engines on the market. Suki's you don't see that much here in LOS. But best would be to look out for any DR400 in all it's versions, there's plenty on the market. Cheers, Franz
  5. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    So you like 650 cc enduros? What's available over here? 660 cc Teneres? XR 650 Hondas? I had two - one kick start only, the other electric start.

    I wouldn't do it - try finding a DR BIG, if you only consider Suzuki singles.

  6. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    That sounds just like an idea a Thai mechanic could pull off, putting a 650 engine into a 250 frame. Forget about stress on the frame through more weight and acceleration, if it cracks we can always weld it!
    Any experienced mechanic would shake his head at this idea. But in the LOS where I would only hesitantly let my bike get a tune up a major operation like this is not advisable.
    In other words: this idea is nuttier than squirrel turds!!

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