Uphill & Downhill - Sapa To Son La

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  1. This is from our recent North Vietnam ride. Leaving in the morning mist and rain of the Sa Pa hillside the road is barely visible at some points until we make it to a peak on the range and it clears up for our run to Son La.
    247km of great road through mountains and valleys along the QL32 to Than Uyen, then diverting to the TL279 to follow along some massive rivers and dams to Pa Oum where we cross the 300 metre bridge over the Black River. Connecting with the TL107 eventually winds us back into city life of Son La City and a cold 333 (until she ran out) from the local beer house opposite the Khach San Son La Hotel, right in the centre of town.
  2. Great vdo & nice music.

    There were some big potholes at the start 25 seconds. Ouch I bet youré glad you didn't hit any of them.

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