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  1. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Whilst some of you probably hate me, some of you maybe like me, and most of you thankfully tolerate me, I have been drinking heaps tonight then reading a lot of posts on the board but am too full of piss to respond. Nice to see you Ian B & DavidFL - I am now a very pissed twat. [:D]


  2. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Pikey
    That was the start of a good night at the Downunder, just got in at 2.15 am from the Fine Thanks with a nice glow on.
    Your mates Martin & his babe Seema? are a very nice couple, & no doubt planing their next trip here.
    Ian & Long (from the X-Centre) lef 15 mins before madam Meow & I did, and no doubt somewhat confused with all the info I gave them for their 8-bike Laos trip in June = too many options & not enough time.
    No seriously long term hard feelings if you get a bit snarly after a few beers & bit of chatter from your GT Rider riding mates. We are here to help each other, enjoy life & ride bikes.
  3. solent01

    solent01 Active Member

    hahaha - Sounds like a fun night was had by all....

  4. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Yep, but not so fun yesterday morning - I was minging! [:(]


  5. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Did you make it down the stairs at the downunder? Enquiring minds want to know???
  6. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Hey B&T,

    Sorry for the late reply - my DSL connection is STILL playing up and TOT came to the house again today. Wonder how long it will work for this time.....

    Anyway, I actually drove the truck to the Downunder (not too clever after 2 beer towers of Singha between 2 blokes) but after a couple more I was incapable. Kat probably piloted me down the steps and definitely drove home. Sounds like the D.U might well be a favourite for a bit of MotoGP action when the season kicks off so no doubt I'll get caught up in the emotion, swig a few too many and catapult myself down those stairs at some point between March & October! [;)]


    Pikey. (BTW, when are you back over?)
  7. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Hey Pikey, would be interested seeing you launch yourself down the stairs, hopefully with helmet on), any chance of setting a date for the event so I can plan my next trip up north.
  8. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    TropicalJohn - The launching, if it happens most likely will coincide when Rossi announces he prefers swinging his leg over "greasy under the fingernail" men than leggy trophy girls in the pits. We'll hear a sorrowful yelp and look over as Pikey heads face first for the first floor.

    Pikey - Nice to see Kat sheparding you home. I'm looking at being back over about the end of March or so. Family in England are begging for a visit but they don't hold much sway when compared to the pleading siren emails from the gals in Nana Plaza.

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