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    Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear has some second hand and new items for sale by original owners. Most of this gear is for a big person. Some is new, some is "good as new" and some is worn but sill nice and functional. All of this gear is imported or purchased in the UK and is first rate gear. These items are not on our website but are in stock at our shop.

    Please contact us by phone or e-mail via our contact page on our website instead of through the messenger system here.

    We have on offer the following-
    New, never worn-
    Gloves, Frank Thomas XTIii, with Kevlar, size XL, 2,500 baht
    Gloves, RST Razor, Size XXL, 2,800 baht
    Pants, waterproof, Hen Gericke, with knee armor, size XXL short, 3,750 with tags attached

    New or like new-
    Pants, “Bulletproof” brand, with knee armor, size 42 short, 2,500 baht

    Second hand-
    Pants, Leather with armor, IXS brand of Switzerland, very nice, size 60, 5,000 Baht
    Jacket, Leather, with armor, Frank Thomas brand, size UK 52, 5,000 baht
    Boots, armored, Baoloibu, brand, fair condition, size US12/UK 45, 1,750 baht
    Pants, leather, Hein Gericke, great condition, size 50 short, 4,000 baht
    Pants, Leather, from UK, full armor points, size approximately 48 short, custom made, 4,000 baht
    Pants, Red Route brand, model 006, Vevlar, good condtion, size 42 short, 2,500 baht
    Gloves, Alpinestars, GP Plus, 2 pairs, fair condition, size XL, 1,000 baht each pair

    For these items, stop by to try them on or e-mail for further details or better pics. Mail order via EMS with tracking info is available for all items. Prices are set by the item owner and are firm.

    If you have some second hand gear you would like to part with, let us take care of selling it for you and save your time and frustration with the window shoppers. We sell second hand gear and used motorcycles for many customers and have a great success rate.

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