Used parts for a Honda Wave?

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  1. Am renting an old Wave 100 with over 100,000 km on the clock. Only the foot brake works and it needs

    * new tires
    * new chain
    *wheel bearings
    * new piston with honing and new rings

    to name just a few things.

    The rent is low but I hate the idea of spending thousands on a rented bike.

    Q: is there a used parts dealer in C.M. or Bangkok? I'll come to BKK next week.
    USED shocks, tires and an okay chain might help save some money. Or wouldn't you bother?

  2. My 2 baht.....

    How much value do you place on your life and others???
    You can rent similar bikes for around 2000 baht per month in CM......of course "up to you!"
  3. I'd be inclined to just buy the bike. It can't be worth much if is that beat up. Then it's yours for your own TLC.

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