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  1. Changnoi1

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    Just back from a 3 day about 800 km trip. Not really needed the GPS but it is a great way to make ad-hoc detours (great function). Until now all works great.

    One or two questions.
    After a day riding I would like to save all "Active" tracks together as 1 "Saved" track (that I will later export to my PC via Basecamp).
    But when I want to do that it says "cannot save". But I can save every single "active" track of that day to a track (but not the total of all the single tracks in one time).

    And what makes start new active track? Can you stop / deactivate the "active" track"?

    Effectively I would like to record all movements from 1 day and keep them as 1 track. I am missing a button "Start tracking" and 'Stop tracking" and then save it as a Track. But maybe I am blind.
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  3. brian_bkk

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    The Garmin's have different features depending on the model (price)

    For example.. Frank has the Zumo 220 and I have the 660.. Very different in features .
    Also the cable is different!

    On the 660.. I just export the track for the day or period then edit and tidy it up.. Then upload to OSM and edit further in OSM as needed.
    Just getting in to BaseCamp, so still learning.. Use to primarily use an Opensource application called. QLandkarte GT to edit tracks.

    If you don't export and save. You can end up with a rats nest if you ride back on yourself.
    A few times I thought I had over written the tracks. They are all in the archive folder.. Have a look there.. may be as one track? Mine show like that.
    Which looks a bit funny when you get on a plane and turn on the GPS for your next ride then go to the archive file.. Long straight line from Udon to Bangkok.

    May need to google a little to find the answer unless someone has the same model or similar.

  4. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    I googled a lot but it seems it nowhere explained how the track-logging actually works. Lets explain what happens, all on the device (a Garmin Zumo 340 (Version 3.70). Not using a PC or Basecamp.

    I start the day riding with resetting clearing all Travel History. (Travel History = enabled).
    I ride from Khon Kaen to Loei. Then when I arrive in Loei I have a look in the app "Tracks" at the tab "Active tracks". There is now a list of track, all segments of the all day riding. From Khon Kaen to the gasoline station, from the gasoline station to the coffee-shop, from the coffee-shop to Nam Nao view-point, from the view-point to Dan Sai Coffee-shop, from the coffee-shop to Phu Rua gasoline station, from the gasoline station to Loei. So I have 5 tracks of segments I have been riding that day. But on top of the list is a 6th track called "Active track" and that are all 5 tracks together. Now I can save each segment track as 'Saved Tracks" (or as Trip) but I cannot save the "Active Track" as "Saved Track" (or Trip).

    Why? That means I would have to save 5 tracks from the first day and maybe the next day another 7 track and so on. After a week riding you might end up with 30 tracks. That is not convenient. Now I know I can import all the tracks into BaseCamp, also the "Active Track" so in BaseCamp I can have 1 track per day. But I do not take my laptop with me. The importing of the track will be done at home.

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