Using Osmand+ For Uploading Poi's To Open Street Map


Mar 18, 2013
A short screen shoot video of using OSMAND+ to upload POI's to Open Street Map.
The more riders using OSM and becoming "mappers light", the better the OSM map will become.
For offroad riding OSM has all the good tracks for Northern Thailand and most of Laos.

You need to make a free account at in order to upload POI directly to OSM.
You can also open a OSM note without an account. Describe the POI as good as you can and an experienced mapper will address it. (Most likely Russ)

So while sipping anything at a good or nice place why not spend a minute adding it to OSM so fellow riders can enjoy it.

In the video I deliberately tried to save the POI without entering a POI type, just to make a point.;)

Get OSMAND+ for Android. (a free and one paid version, download maps for offline use)
It is available for iPone as well.

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Apr 8, 2015
Finally got a chance to use the OSM app
Bought a Oukitel WP6 - recommended by Ian Bungy.
Installed OSM as recommended by Oddvar
No SIM card in fone - but worked great.
Did a day ride via 4016 to Doi Inthanon and return - almost went to Samoeng but turned left at the top of the hill.
Great map view, worked a Charm. Impressed.
Had it on a handlebar mount right beside my Garmin Zumo - preferred the fone view to the Garmin.
Those looking for a great fone, super long battery life, indestructable, and a great mapping App to go along with it - can't go wrong
Thanks to all for the heads-up