V power now in Shell Stations pattaya

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  1. Shell V power 95+ octane non Gasohol fuel is now available at Shell stations in pattaya area
  2. MM,

    All or just one? Where did you see it?

    I will keep my eyes open for more outlets in BKK. Sathorn/Convent road has always had it and there is one on Lad Prao. Why because Ferarri's etc. might need it!!
  3. Price was 29.5 baht a litre , and i have seen it at pattaya Klang, pattaya Nua and sukumvit.
  4. 29 baht is cheap, its about 34 baht in Hua Hin.

    Saw some v power coming up to Jomtien beach zone of highway 3. :)
  5. Not using the infamous shell station on Pattaya Tai huh monster :wink:
  6. Not using the infamous shell station on Pattaya Tai huh monster :wink:
    Have to have your wits sharp there ,make sure they zero the pump and give correct change
  7. V power 34.5 per litre yesterday at Sukumvit shell pattaya.
  8. Any in Chiang Mai yet?
  9. I was Told there is 4 Outlets in CM. 8)
    I know one is on Kaew Nawarat Rd, Shell is on the Right after the Bus Station entrance when You are Heading towards Town from the Super Highway. One is on Huay Kaew Rd just past Central Shopping Centre. Not sure where the other 2 Shell Stations in CM are :?: All the Best Mate.
  10. What's this V-Power stuff? Is it better than the usual 91 which I still can get here? Has this topic been covered in another thread?
  11. KZ V -power is at least 95 octane but in other countries it is as much as 97,98 octane andd is not Gasohol its pure Regular Gasoline.
  12. As far as I know it's a waste of money to use more expensive hi-octane fuel in engines designed for low octane. If a bike runs fine on 91 why get 97? What is this V-Power good for, only for newer bikes with FI that run on 95 octane?
  13. There is a station on Sukhumvit 71 called Orange. They sell LPG and ONLY real petrol. 91, ???? @34-something a litre.
  14. KZ, All Bikes Prefer a Higher Octane Fuel but New Bikes can Quite Happily Run on 91. Older Bikes on the Other Hand were originally Designed to Run on Higher Octane Fuels and in some Cases may not Run very well at all on 91 :cry: . There is also a noticeable Performance advantage with Certain Bikes when they get Higher Octane Fuel so for most the Cost differences wouldn't be something to Consider :wink:
    I would be Surprised if there was a Vehicle in Thailand that can Run Better on Gasahol 91 compared to Shell V-Power 95??? I personally Know several Extremely Wealthy and Influential Thai People who Own WRX Subaru's, Evolution Lancers, Ferrari's, Nissan Skylines etc etc and in most Cases these Cars Can Not Run on 91 or Gasahol :shock: I suspect these People and Their Influence is one Reason this Fuel is now Available :idea: Try it for Yourself and see 8) I will get it when I see it but won't be going around Looking for it unless i become very Rich and Own a Vehicle like listed above :lol:
  15. Hmmm. I'm always playing "spot the scam" So I'm wondering if this whole gasahol thing was a ploy to get extra money for real fuel? If Shell think they can make money, will PTT reintroduce real 95 at a premium price?
    Can Caltex be far behind? I suppose it depends a lot on who does the refining.

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