V Star 1300

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  1. Built to Canadian specs so it pass the emission test.
  2. At first I thought this is the V4 they built for some time, but it's a V2. And it's not just another version of the (good) old Virago engine, but a newer one with 60* instead of 75. With a bore/stroke of 100/83mm this engine has potential, it could revv easily to 7000rpm with a few improvements. Seems like a departure from the super-longstroke of the pushrod Drag Star 1600.
  3. This has a drive belt as does the Vulcan 900 anyone got experience with these ? You ride here yuo will end up on dirt roads and gravel no way around it.

    That is about the only thing making me nervous about it.
  4. Hmm!!! I dont see how yuo can avoid dirt and gravel riding the Issan roads. That could be a real problem. Freeway riding in the states I doubt there would be any problem either.
  5. Well the 2009 Honda 1300 fits the bill perfectly fuel injection and a drive shaft how the heck yuo would get one legally now thats a different story?
  6. Thanks Gobs I will gie that a try
  7. Thanks Gob I appreciate it.
  8. Gobs

    i just saw your post and i'll check also if they can get me quote of beemers and what price,,,,, :wink:

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