Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang


Jun 1, 2003
Wow- what a ride! Just after Vang Vieng I passed thru the most beautyful scenery ever. It was still early and the peaks of the mountain were slightly covered in fog. And the xong River what a nice colour almost emerald. I really slowed down and took a lot of pictures because of this unique scenery. Had a small stop at Kasi and some food beside the road. The last 80 km's to Luang Prabang reminded me very much of Chiang Mai/North Thailand. Just before Luang Prabang my bike started making funny noises, some pinging from the cylinder.
When I looked down I saw my left Boot being drenched in Oil - I immediately pulled by and stopped. The oil outlet bolt from the Baja was gone and oil was pumping out like crazy; I had only the tools from the rental shop. Luckely the reserve spark plug had exactly the sice of that bolt and I fitted it in. Not wanting to do any damage to the bike I moved on slowly with very low rpm to find a gas station where I could fill up the oil level. After about 20 kms I was lucky.
The oil level was down to zero. I filled up the oil, started the engine and continued to Luang Prabang.


Jan 20, 2003
Hi Rudy

Sounds like you are having fun. Hope you caught the oil problem before any damage was done. Might be an epic trip home!!