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  1. One sometimes finds some places in BKK that make you go WOW!

    The lead mech at Ducati Thonglor lead me to this place. They have a beautifull, modern, air conditioned shop on Suk Soi 71. Right across from the Esso station. 200m south of where the street crosses over Petchburi Road.

    High Quality tools and equipment from America and EU. There are also a few other shop house stores in this same area with everything nuts and bolts wise you could be looking for.

    Check it out!
  2. what about thr prices ????were thhay reasonable or extortionate
  3. Very reasonable- you can choose different price points as they stock name brand tools from manufacturers in Japan, US, Taiwan, etc. Fantastic shop!
  4. I thought they were fair prices. Obviously anything made by Snap On is going to be expensive no matter what part of the world, but I think the Snap on stuff is mostly special order, and not among the masses of tools they have displayed in the shop. They had plenty of other brands of tools to choose from.

    Nice to find a place that you find anything you need tool/workshop wise, and ALSO have an array of quality brands to choose from. All in a modern air conditioned place.
  5. I will go and have a look , i need a new tool cabinet and CO2 gas analyser and some diagnostic gear , may bring the smaller items in from UK but tool cab has to be sourced here ,

    When i worked in Korea i was taken on a visit to Kamasa tool factory and they had several production lines , 2 were making Kamasa wrenches , another was producing Draper tools , another Husky, and another line was producing tools for Snap On , and all the wrenches were identical materials and quality and features apart from the names and minor finishing details much of what Smapon make is very over priced and over rated ,
  6. I bought a nice professional workbench (With Drawer and Tool Rack) from them the other day made by a company called Mr Baxes (From Taiwan). The toolboxes they had were also made by Mr Baxes, and seemed to be good quality. They also had some Italian import boxes made by BETA, and large section of BETA tools. There was a huge monsterous Snapon box system on display also.
  7. Just back from spending more cash there. Forgot to add before that understanding or speaking English is not a problem at this store, and if they don't have what you are looking for, they probably have a catelog to order it.
  8. One of the great things about living over here is finding gems like this tucked away and well stocked. Thanks for the post.

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