Versys 'SW-Motech' style lighting brackets

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    I hope this is ok to post.

    A while back I was stumbling through some Thai buletin boards and I found this very Thai thing 'pre-order' .. A guy ( presumably buys an original ) and gets it copied, he puts his product out there, and buyers order, pre-production, some sellers ask for 100% upfront, some just require a telephone number.

    I never been ripped off, but some items that I have 'pre-ordered' took an overly long time to appear. Look at as a primitive Thai 'kickstarter' or 'Crowdfunded'.

    Anyway, If you search Facebook for a guy Pop Biggeorge .. He is running a 'pre-order' for SW-Motech Hawk mounts


    I bought a set a while back from him alongside a set of Hella-style guards


    This time, his brackets are powder coated and cost 1400B.

    Slightly cheaper than Panda rider, but these brackets are improved copies - slightly longer, which is ideal for non-SW lights. You get some aluminium  spacers that keep the brackets away from the fibreglass fairing and stainless allen bolts + washers.

    Last time I payed

    Brackets - 900B
    Powdercoat - 200B
    Guards - 1000B
    Halogen lamps ( ebay ) - 700B

    If it interests you, I can vouch for the guy, he's really helpful, speaks a bit of English.

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