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  1. Cool, lets hope they will produce it in Thailand (cheap) instead of importing from overseas (expensive).
  2. Different bike. The Z1000 is already here, there's one in the showroom in Chiang Mai, too.
  3. They took the 650 versys and chopped a lot of hard edges in the fairings.

    Traction control should be interesting though. No idea if this is made in Thailand or not - guessing either it isn't, or it's a 2013 model. Ok so it's a 2012, and supposedly going to be introduced in Malaysia on the 12th of November!

    Here's a nice pic:
  4. Personally I find "1000 cc" and "adventure bike" in the same sentence to be somewhat of an oxymoron... At 239 kilos and with a 17" front wheel who's going to want (or dare) to take this beastie off the pavement?

    I believe the Versys 1000 borrows the engine from the Z1000 and it's nice to see that Kawasaki hasn't cut any corners with the technological bits-

    3 Mode KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control)
    3 modes cover a wide range of conditions
    2 Power Mode selections: Full Power + Low Power (about 75% of Full)
    Latest-spec ABS standard

    I imagine it will be a fun road bike, but all I remember thinking during my last tour through Laos on the Versys 650 was that I'd have been a lot more comfortable on a KLX 250...

    The Versys 1000 is manufactured in Japan. The sales and marketing folks at Kawasaki Thailand don't know anything about it so I don't imagine we'll see it here any time soon. Next model tentatively scheduled for introduction to Thailand is the Ninja 1000 (the faired version of the Z1000).

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  5. T__T sad news. But yeah the sales folks at Kawa CM have never ever heard of the Versys 1000.

    Do you know which bikes are next to be "made in Thailand"? I imagine the Ninja 1000 - which is cool - is also made in Japan...

    And clearly the Versys 1000 is an Adventure bike in the sense that most adventure bike users use their bikes, which is on the road. More like the Multistrada than the GS. It's the same as SUVs - 99% are never used off road.
  6. I don't see any mention of color options in the reviews of the Versys 1000. Only color I've seen so far is the black and white. That Bronze Versys in your picture is custom paint for sure. The Versys 1000 looks like it has fewer painted panels than the 650, so getting a repray should be cheap as chips.
  7. Got too distracted by the girl in the pic I posted in #6 above? ;)

    She's sitting on what Kawasai calls "Metallic Magnesium Gray", it's on the UK website.

    The pic from CM is a custom paint 650 of course.
  8. DOH! There was a bike in that picture?! Totally missed it! :lolno:
  9. The looks of this versys 1000 are not doing it for me - neither are the looks of Triumph's new 1200 offering also, neither are the looks of the Honda offering in this the area the cross tourer! I never really regarded the GS as a thing of beauty but its gotten this lot beat in my eye.
  10. A man's got to have priorities 5555
  11. Kawasaki Versys 1000 Official Video-
  12. i agree with you tony- when schackster and i went to laos we both commented that the 650 versys was a great bike for those roads but a klx 250 might be even more fun. it certainly would be adaquate. a 1000 would be overkill there. here it would be nice and the thought of the smoothness of a 4 cyl. is very appealing. saw a z1000 yesterday. has a great exhaust note but the girl riding on the back of it was even sexier.
  13. Versys 1000 was also presented in Italy with the following specs:
    engine inline 4 from Z1000, modified, 1043 cc,
    118 HP at 9000 rpm, 102Nm at 7700 rpm
    frontsuspension adjustable 43mm upsidedown
    frontbrakes 2x300mm 4 piston calipers, ABS
    fronttyre 120/55 ZR17
    rearbrake 1x250mm 1 piston caliper, ABS
    reartyre 180/55 ZR17
    seatheight 845mm
    weight 239kgs
    KTRC: traction control 3 power modes
    sidecases 35lts each
    and some fotos:
    with 239 kgs a heavy bike such as most of the other 1200cc plus adventure bikes.....R1200, XTZ1200,......

    Price in Austria (not yet published) Euro 15,000.- roughly, and this was topped up first by 20% VAT and then 16% vehicle tax (depending on cc's), so including all margins but except tax should be around Euro 10,800.-

    cheers, Franz
  14. the reviews in Uk are not positive , too Heavy , to tall, poorly executed compared to competition .but reliable

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