Versys/ER valve adjustments

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  1. Lots of information on the net about valve adjustments and why they should be checked before the factory recommended interval, so I decided to take a look. Since I really do not trust Kawi CM to do it, my mate Tim and I did it today and found that as suspected, the exhausts were tight - 1 at .01mm under spec, 1 at min, 1 at 0.01 over min, and the last one at .03mm over min. IMHO all needed adjustment as they are only going to get tighter

    Not surprisingly, the intakes were a little better and only 1 cylinder needed adjusted

    My bike has 29,500 KM

    so out with the cams and off to Kawi CNX for gaskets and shims only to discover that they do not have the valve cover gasket as apparently it "can be siliconed back on" and they had only 2 of the required shims in stock
    You would think that with the loads of these they have sold that this would be a common stocking item, but apparently not.

    Ordered from BKK and is to take a bloody week

    Given what I have read, and todays measurements you would be well advised to at least check the clearance well before the factory recommended interval, or risk burned exhaust valves

    As an aside, I wonder why there is such a discrepancy in valve adjustments intervals for the Canadian bikes VS the ROW? (CA in the manual is
    Canada not California)
    24,000 VS 42,000 KM
  2. Well if Kawasaki doesn't have any Gaskets or Shims in stock You would be Safe to Bet they Never Check any of the Bikes they Service? A Service compromises of an Oil Change I think unless You actually Tell them of a Problem or something else You want done? They Have Service Manuals listing everything required at each Service interval but sadly they are more than likely never looked at!
  3. that is what I suspect as well, and the fact that they did not do Rich's in spite of being instructed to do so reinforces my opinion
  4. Thai are kinau with money ... and the motorbike & car service-centres live like that.
    At Kawa KK they do not replace split-pins, washer or nuts although recommended in the service manual
    He "No need"
    Me "Maybe no need, maybe need. Very cheap, so please order and replace!"

    At Kawa Udon they asked at 24k if I wanted the valves checked. I reckoned with the new valve technic that would not need to be done so I said no. But reading this at the soon to be done 30k check I will have it done. Reading the service manual there are actually many things that are never been checked and I also see that they actually not always use the correct tools to do their job. By Kawasaki rules they will need to have the all the tools mentioned in the service manual, but they are too expensive or too beautiful to use (at Kawa KK is a beautiful display with brand new never used tools).

    Chang Noi
  5. Hmmh. Disturbing news. I'd better get on & have the Versys checked out...& then? where's that good ol Africa Twin?
  6. Wow, one good thing about living in Bangkok I guess- Kawasaki Rama 9 have and use all the correct tools and do service by the book.

    Changnoi- you know that Kawa KK is NOT an official bike bike service center right? They are a "B" dealer only authorized to sell and service smaller bikes.

    I was very impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the staff at the huge Kawasaki/Honda/KTM/BMW dealer in Udon Thani.
  7. Yes I know that Kawa KK is level-B dealer, or maybe I should say was because they told me that in dec'12 they would become level A dealer. That still does not cover the fact that they do service on Dtracker/KLX250 and Ninja250 and have a beautiful display case of brand new tools that they never use. So even if they become a level A dealer I will first check if they also did get a new mechanic. If not I will be off to Udon where the staff indeeds seem to work professional.

    Chang Noi

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