Versys Front Fork Oil Seal Problem ??

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Fatlad, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Just wondering, has any one else had problems with the fork oil seal, as mine sh-t its self yesterday, and covered my brakes in oil with only 10k on the clock??
  2. That's the first fork seal failure I've heard of. I imagine it should be covered by your warranty?
  3. Too fat perhaps
  4. Could be right there! think more to do with the roads and tracks here i am riding here.
  5. A question for Fatlad,
    It looks like you changed your rear shock and put on a Hyperpro? If that's the case I was wondering if you also replaced the front fork springs with Hyperpro. I have put on the Hyperpro shock and the improvment to the stock is huge so I figure that if I change the fork springs as well, I will get more improvement for a relatively small investment but not sure.
    I would be interested to know if you have changed the springs how you find it compared to the stock?
  6. Hi
    Yes i changed the front fork springs as well as the rear shock spring, to me its a massive improvement over the standard setup, i found the oridginal to hard on the normal road riding and as soon as you where off road it would bottom out, even loading the pre load up.
    I actually video the oridginal front set up, replaced the springs then video it again watching the videos you could see a massive difference between the linear factory springs and the progressive Hyperpro.
    For 11500 bart for the three springs and oil i feel it was worth it.
  7. Well. convinced me. Had the rear shock absorber replaced last week and now the front fork springs are being replaced by Kawasaki. Just need to find someone who can help with the finer adjustments
  8. A leaking fork seal after only 10K km - I'd say either faulty part or sloppy installation. You have to slide them on very carefully, it's easy to damage them if you're not doing it exactly right. Probably a sloppy job during assembly. No dents, scratches or rust on the leg?
    Don't think it has anything to do with how you ride roads or tracks. Seals should last way longer than that under any condition.
    And if it happened only on one leg that proves my point.
  9. Yes, it was a faulty seal obviously from manufacture.
    Could not be arsed with the warranty as this would mean riding to Korat and then pulling my hair out while i watched 2 inept mechanics trying to repair it, so did it my self and replaced it with a hydraulic ram seal i found in Mukdahan topped up the oil level, all in less than 3 hours including finding a seal which was the hardest. Decided to change the bike this year, because i am doing to many off road km and the bike was never really designed for this.
  10. If you have the tools, do it yourself! I hate it too to watch Thai mechanics horsing around while they overtighten your chain, spray used engine oil on it and inflate your tires to 50 PSI.
    I'd say the Versys is 80% street and 20% trail, if you want to go offroad it's too heavy and has too much power.
    But what to buy? A DRZ? The KLX 250 needs upgrades, the new CBR 150R may outrun it...
  11. I would agree the Versys is 80/20, here in Mukdahan we have 1000s km of unsealed roads, to which i prefere to ride and you seem to have less people trying to kill you on these, and with Loas 1.5km away, Cambodia 220km and Vietman 165km so much to do.
    Tried the DRZ in AUZ on the 9 days Cairns to Cape York ride very capable and inexpensive bike, had the KLX here far to restricted and max 100km or you feel like you have had a sex change, so decided to go the larger adventure bike similar to the G1200 Adventure i had in New Zealand
  12. Read good reviews of the F800GS parallel twin, seems to be a good compromise between the big rig and the single.

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