Versys Low Idle Speed

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by nikster, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. My Versys has recently developed a habit of going into a very low idle speed, much below 1000 RPM. Hard to read but the needle seems around 800.

    Anyone know possible reasons? I didn't change anything but going in for the 6k service soon so I'd like to tell them what to check for. I know it can be adjusted but want to present as is.
  2. Have you adjusted your clutch recently. Check that you have enough free play at the perch. If the clutch is dragging it will drag your idle speed down.
  3. Sorry maybe I confused matters , but you havent stated if your in gear or not. This only applies if you in gear with the clutch lever pulled. It may not be this but it's a simple check.
    After this it could be plenty of things and maybe a good service will sort it out. Dirty air filter, injector clogged, fuel filter all these type of things can affect your idle.
    I think all they will do after the service at the dealer if it's still the same they'll just adjust the idle.
  4. Check your fueling.
    Can be anything related. Ar filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, injectors and so forth.
  5. Thanks for the responses! Johnny I've had the clutch problem before but ruled that out as the cause as it also happened in neutral.

    I told Kawa about it at the 6k service, and they fixed it. Not sure what they did but the problem is gone. Service was clearly overdue as the bike feels *much* better now, much smoother, and awesome like it should :)
  6. Did this occur gradually over a certain time period or did the rev drop happen over night?
  7. It seemed to suddenly happen two or three times. After the service it was OK, but it just happened again recently. Once. Now it's been fine another week, so I have no idea what could be causing this. Faulty computers, probably, those damn things ;)
  8. I remember the old K series Beemers had electrical problems when they got older. They had EFI already when they came out in 1983. The problem was the connections of the control unit, some were corroded, some bent and didn't make perfect contact. I'd fiddle with the wires and connectors, maybe you'll find something.
    You don't wash the bike with a high pressure hose, do you?

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