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  1. I am having second thoughts about a Versys due to my 30 inch legs and its 33.3 inch seat. Changing the shock linkage, or in this case installing a relocation bracket, is a common way to lower single shock bikes and I found this one for the Versys:
    New seat height now is 31.25 inches without cutting the seat. Given that there are 2 inch lower gel seats or Somchai could mod one, it now longer seems such a towering impossibility. at 127.00 USD

    Once lowered, the stands needs shortening as well, but I imagine that you could just cut it shorter and weld on a foot: at 47.00 USD

    Their suggested fix for the front is slide the legs up in the triple tree.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the height too much. The first time I rode a XR650L I towered over the 1200GS but got used to it quite quickly. Could get only one foot at a time on the ground, usually the left one, but after some time it was just normal. Try the bike out first, maybe it's not that bad!
  3. I have the opposite problem, I am fitting the motowerk peg lowering extensions tomorrow to try and make it a little more comfortable for my v long legs. It was either that or lose weight and get younger to become more flexible so I pre-ordered the extensions!

    Dont hesitate to order from him, fantastic quality and he kindly wraps the items as gifts (even a bow) so I had no duty issues.
  4. turns out that the height is Ok for me and I will leave it as is
  5. I contacted Bea at MotoWork to check on the compatibility of the shock relocation lowering block with the 2011 model V. She said they were certain it would fit, but they were not sure about the big foot kickstand modification. Evidently, the 2011 V has a kickstand part number different from the 2010 model. She asked me to take some measurements and include some photos. I will be doing that as soon as I take delivery, probably in 20+ days (I hope). I will post an update as soon as I have one.

    Steve Albrecht
  6. I wonder if the gel seat brings something, not really for the height ... but for the bud. I think that Versys shoud be even better than ER6 wich was acceptable to me ... but m old bones woud not mind smeting even smother fr longer trips.

    Any suggestion from someone using it?

  7. Yes - try it first before ordering anything. I think the stock Versys seat is already super comfortable - leaps and bounds more so than the ER-6n one (which I had before). The bike is high but it's very narrow around the seat so even shorter legs should have no issue getting to the ground.
  8. If you are near BKK, the Rama 9 showroom has the versys with the low seat option fitted in the showroom
  9. Hi I am Chang Noi currently driving a Yamaha XT250x but liking the new Versys very much. But as known with little elephants they have short legs and with a total lenght of 165cm I really have short legs.

    Last week I had a test-drive on a ER6N and seat-hight-wise that is just acceptable for me, but as the Versys is about 6cm higher as the ER6N I am sure I can not touch the floor at all. But I did see the lowering-kit from MotorWerk and one could change the seating itself.

    So did anyone installed the lowering-kit on the new Versys? Does anyone know if they are for sale in Thailand?

    Chang Noi

    P.s. Anyone going to Bang Seang friday 26/11?
  10. Cannot comment on the lowering kit but have some gear from Motowerks (installed on a versys). Great quality and great service and delivery.

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