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Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Dougal, May 28, 2012.

  1. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    I've seen quite a few of you guys riding around with Top Boxes so my question is:

    Where did you get the rack? Was it a Kawasaki rack or did you have it made?
    Where can I get one?
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  3. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    last I heard Kawasaki Chiang Mai was selling the Givi racks and also Sw motech racks. I have SW motech and from memory it was ard bht7-8000 not including the box.
  4. koh kood

    koh kood New Member

  5. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Thanks Shackster,

    I'll swing by the Kawasaki shop and get something sorted.
  6. David Race

    David Race Ol'Timer

    I bought my GIVI RACK FOR MY 650 Ninja at Kawasaki and it was cheaper than I could buy the rack in Australia they also fitted it for the price so was well pleased.
    I already had the top box an E 45 which is one of the top of the line boxes.
    I boght the Monokey rack which is the one that takes 10 Kilo not the cheap one which only holds 3 kilo so make sure you order the right one I think the cheap one is called Monolock or if thats the one you want it takes the cheaper Givi boxes.
  7. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Good info David.

    Thanks; I'll make sure I get the stronger one.
  8. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

  9. Mactao

    Mactao Member

    Hi there,

    I got my top box rack installed on my versys last week and wanted to give you a heads up about options I found in thailand.
    I've got an old Givi V46 top box but don't like the Givi rack for Versys (very high position of the box) so I got a SW Motech one with the Givi adapter plate. Bought it directly from Panda Rider bkk (, the official dealer of SW Motech in Thailand. It was cheaper than the Kawasaki dealer offer for the same thing and those people are very friendly. They are shipping all over Thailand. 10% discount on everything if you become a member (you need to spend 1000thb then you become a member).

    During my researchs I found 2 options if you are looking for Givi racks in bkk; Thai Motor Box ( and GT Auto Bike ( They both speak english and are shipping as well.

    For those looking for Shad boxes/rack, Dr Bike ( is importing/selling them in Thailand.
  10. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

  11. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    Got my pannier rack made at Daeng Glong Pratuu on Mahidol Rd. Very good quality, they'll make you anything though I believe that mine are already more or less GIVI clones. The only difference is that you can take off the Givi rack easily so it only leaves a few screw holes, mine are fixed in place. It was 2,500 Baht.
  12. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Nick - what is the overall width and did you relocate the turn signals

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