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  1. I do have (on disk) the English Kawasaki Versys Service Manual but it is from aug. 2006, in the meanwhile some things have changed on the Versys.

    So does anyone has a newer Service Manual for the Versys? Maybe even a 2010 or 2009 manual as I assume my bike bought in 2011 is a 2010-model.

    Chang Noi
  2. Whan I asked the same question, I was told that the only real change is in the motor mounts
    Your old manual should be fine, however if you do find a newer one let me know
  3. Well .... and the electric wiring is a little bit changed and the dash-board is a little bit different and well there might a other "little" things that are "not important" according a Thai mechanic.

    I will try a motorbike dealer in Belgium ... he helped me before with getting manual's.

    Chang Noi
  4. Have you asked Kawasaki, Thailand?
    For their other models they were able to supply English language owners manuals several months after they began selling the bikes.
    I expect the same will be true for the Versys.
    I'd call and check but Kawasaki HQ is taking a LONG break for Songkran and won't re-open until April 18th.
    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  5. Indeed I have the Kawasaki Versys Owners Manula in English (oct 2009), I actually did not bother to ask for the Service Manual in English as I wonder if they even have it Thai. If they have it must still be brand new. But I will just ask it for fun next time they are open, you never know. TIT.

    Chang Noi
  6. Oh, I apologize- I misread your post and understand you're looking for the SERVICE MANUAL not the Owners Manual. Kawasaki does not give away service manuals. You can purchase the Service Manual from Kawasaki or wait for someone to copy it and post it online.

    Here's the part number for the 2011 Versys Service Manual in English from Kawasaki USA:

    99924-1435-02 Service Manual KLE650C 84.95
    You can order it here:

    Ride On!

  7. Thanks guy for all the info.
  8. Hi I ve just bought my 2011 Versys 650 . CAn you please send me the Servive manual file?
    Thanks a lot
  9. You can download the complete service manual for the current generation Versys ABS at this link: pdf.gif VERSYS 2010-2011 SERVICE MANUAL.pdf (14.73 MB, 3140 views)

    (2012 and 2013 model Versys are unchanged)

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  10. Thank a lot it is very helpful for me!!


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