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  1. I have designed and fitted a new top box system to my Versys.
    The case is a B&W model 55 Outdoor case bought in the USA for 105.00 and hand carried over using it as the "luggage". This is a "Pelican" type case and the same one used by Caribou as their 34 liter top box. I choose this one primarily because I want a top box big enough to hold my helmet, gloves, and jacket when using the bike as a shopping cart around town.

    The second phase of the industrial look, adventure tourer luggage project is to pick up some Pelican Storm cases (116.00 USD ea.) when in Canada this summer and mount them as panniers on Happy Trails racks, or similar local racks tied into this top rack.
    The Seahorse 720 cases (70.00 USD ea.) are another good pannier choice and the same width as the bars for lane splitting although a bit shallow for gear holding
    The Pelican Storms are one of the pannier choices offered by Caribou. Caribou makes great gear but by the time it gets here the cost is 75% more and it is not difficult to do it my way if you are a Cheap Charlie

    The top box is mounted in the pillion position as I never carry a passenger and do not want the weight hanging off behind the rear axle. Hopefully my increasing bulk will shield the top box from the wind and not make the bike unstable - time will tell.
    The disadvantage is that the top box needs to be removed via 4 bolts in order to remove the seat
    Rack cost 5000 B (166.00 USD) plus powdercoating at Richco in Chiangmai to match the other black bits he has done

    I am undecided if the rear overhang is too large and will take it to Laos tomorrow as is, and maybe cut it a bit shorter when I get back. There will be sufficient luggage capacity in either case and the overhang is to strap on something light or hold an emergency case of beer.
    The more and more I look at it I think it needs cropped

    Note that the beak is now fitted and I am not totally sold on the look, not the poor mould work. I think I will leave it on for this Laos trip then use only the side filler panels in the future. Red or black?
  2. I cannot seem to post pics anymore???
  3. I think You have to Load the Photos on to a Web Host Site first like Photo Bucket!
  4. that is a PITA
    Did it not allow direct upload from ones hard drive before
  5. Yes but the System has changed again due to Malicious Hacking and Web Host Changes to keep the Dogs at Bay! The Old system required A Web Host Site for Photos first so I never changed! Then later changes allowed direct from Your Hard Drive and now it has gone back to the Host Site System!
  6. DSC_0007-1_resize.





  7. Pretty impressive, but looks a bit like a munitions box to me.
  8. I think that the ubiquitous Givi box looks like a gay breadbox, and prefer to think of this as the adventure tourer industrial look. Or that is how I justify the ammo box look.

    Cheaper than aluminium boxes, waterproof, very very tough, and cheap as chips. I used to use Pelican cases in my past life, and have seen them run over by F-250 pickups and survive. This B&W case is not as thick as a Pelican but tough enough for what I need.

    It does look a bit out of place now, but I think that with similar style panniers it will look more the part, and act as skid plates in the event of a tip as the top box is a bit vulnerable in the present configuration.

    Rear rack too long?

    Beak and side filler fairings red or black?

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